A Hill of Beans

So here we are, as someone said not too long ago, “like ants on a patio…”.

It was not a derogative remark, but an observation from the standpoint of the value of the level of consciousness that we are generally aware of. From the perspective of the Truth of Things, we know that we are working here so far below from what is available to us in terms of potential that we might as well be just part of the animal kingdom, doing what we physically can do for as long as we can, and then, leave the planet for something else, depending on what one believes or thinks is the Truth.

Principle. Purpose. Design. Integrity. Discipline. Action

Words that seemingly have so many shades of meaning and interpretation that one has only to look in any direction and one can find “the Path”, as defined by someone who, understood something and wrote it down or stood on a soap box and proclaimed himself or herself a prophet or seer. Has anything one has read or listened to really made a difference in your life? If so, to what degree? Is it religion that we need? Is it the practicality of just working hard? Or harder? If knowledge was the answer, would not all the scholars in all the grand institutes be walking on water, moving the planet in directions of great accomplishments and harmony?

Something is missing. And many are walking around feeling like strangers in a strange land. Where is this place they call home? Is it in the agreement of a mate? Of building some kind of structure on the face of the earth and anointing it with our approval and procreative activities?

Search lo here and lo there. Very few have found the well, the fountain. Yet the illusive fountain is said to be here. They said it was in Florida at one time, and all the people made a trek to that part of the world only to find that the mosquitoes were quite voracious. Ahhh. Not there.

Nicho and Dad-1

They thought the land of the Ancients held the Truths so some sojourned there even on bended knees and bare feet to find it. Alas. Cuts, bruises, and pain brought some kind of relief from the imagined suffering into the realm of real suffering, yet that goes away too, then there is the emptiness left. So they started to dig up the land of the Ancients to see if it was buried!

The Path. The Luminous Path. The Yellow Brick Road. So talked about and so nebulous. It might well be found in the Land of Oz.  Many have attempted that path also.

How fun and funny! But do not laugh at any one.  The funniest is oneself.

Ants. On the patio. Well, for that matter, even ants have power well beyond their size. What is it? Something in the range of being capable of picking up things 10 times their size…it is written down somewhere, right now the exactness of how much beyond their size they can pick up is not really important. It is that they were given the ability to complete tasks that were seemingly beyond what we humans think we could do if we were given the same tasks. The most that we can do it would seem is to imitate the ants, or something else that we fancy, because whatever they are doing seems to work for them!

Hahaha! Is not that not the crux of the issue? To look outside of oneself and imitate, even something that really makes sense, what we see or hear? What was that which was said about the Lemmings? No, we have different capacities and talents than Lemmings. Instead of going off cliffs together, looking for a leader, there is actually that which is inside of one, who would lead, could lead, if only we could find that one…

So again. We are left with the wondering…that is if one has a desire to discover more about what we are doing in this part of the Universe!  How am I to reach this Path and move ahead? Or some of us will say forget that imaginary trip and I will just go to work and build the brick house, and eat the rich food and live the life, empty or not. It will be my way and the rest be damned.

I think in some way this form of living can be likened unto the child play with dolls.  We seem to have a commonality with playing  with dolls or swords at a young age and pretending that we are princesses or princes and moving things around according to a plan we see emerge from our imagination.  As we begin to grow in maturity we find that it is not acceptable to continue to play with the dolls or swords in imagination, so we seemingly at some level keep that thought and move it to a new level of playing! Now we have larger things we can move around according to some plan we have emerging from our prodigious imagination, and if things work out and the world agrees with our view, then we are success-full! If not, well maybe there is another lifetime that can be had on the go-around, who knows? Life is a merry-go-round ride! Maybe we just picked the wrong horse to ride this time…

A hill of beans. Ever attempt to stack beans? Hahaha! They slide down on each the other, though if you have enough of them, they begin to look something like a hill. The trouble is, is that with a little pressure they fall back down again. Lots of effort, not much result. Sounds a bit like politics! Yet that is the place where the pinnacle of man’s thoughts for this country is supposed to reside. The “Capitol” of ideas and concepts.

They even call it Capitol Hill!

In any case, it is the shell of a life that is slippery. Not the truth of life. If you watered and cared for just a few of those beans, we all know, you would have more beans than you could eat. Amazing. The symbolism is limited in many ways, yet the truth is, life, real life, always manifests from a point that resides from within.

Yet our world culture is seemingly about how we are stacked one to another by identification of mostly money and the access of it, clothes, friends, and by what we do. Somehow between the cracks of the stacking we are to find the light that makes us real and valuable, and have a life worth living.  Some swear by the Light and struggle; others give up and just look to be content where they are stacked.

If any one of us were to let a bit of water past these interestingly exciting (and sexy!) shells, what do you think would happen?

I was talking to my son the other day, and he was at the time studying biology in a class. Science it seems, has come to the point of discovering that a cell is really functioning about 90 percent in the invisible range before it replicates another form. After this time of gestation, then of a sudden, it begins to split and form another cell. This is how our bodies are functioning in real time. How many billions of these beautiful cells do we have, forming new cells in each moment? At different levels and functions all working within one outward form, not fighting to do what they were designed to do, but working to create from the level of function that was given them to do. Interesting no?

Let the sun shine in...-1

Do we begin to see how we can develop prodigious imaginations? There is a lot of space in that 90 percent of function! But better than imagination is Reality! Imagination is limited by one’s own mind: the concepts and ideas about life, and that depending on many factors of family, geography, capacities and talents.

We move from small doll houses into larger more sophisticated houses that can now house us and entertain us, yet the concepts and ideas that we accept as true are basically limiting us to just the outer skin our lives and those around us.

A little water. Let go of the ruffles of life…of course they have ridges! Hahaha! What we would like to know more about is the 90% of function that is happening in each moment of our lives…that is the major functioning of our lives in fact!

Ever wonder why the ones that we think know the most about the truth of life, meditate? It is not the ritual that is important, not the form…more, it seems to be in the listening to that function of the invisible, that part of one that is totally functioning in the invisible that brings us into a closer contact with the Reality of the Unknown, the Mystery of Life. The actuality of our bodies. The actuality of our environment. The actuality of the atmosphere of our planet. Not in imagination.



Until next time. Would love to hear your comments! Let’s keep exploring the experience of being on Earth!

Inside the Cell   http://1.usa.gov/JLoQyB

9 yr old discussing the meaning of life and the universe… http://on.fb.me/Y1iCQu

Photo credits by author



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