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The Sense of Home

Saw this post this morning and thought to re-post…image

One day on a trip my beautiful partner and I had an opportunity to stay at a cabin…in fact the way one normally thinks about these places is that they are somewhat rustic in appearance, nominal in amenities and a bit rough around the edges.

I hesitate to say that this was any different on the outside appearance of things, with the simple siding, porches that were in need of some refreshing, and in the interior, the homemade cabinets and the open closet space with curtain material was seemingly pedantic enough.

All in all, one did not see the evidence of a big difference from a rustic looking cabin and this rustic looking cabin.

Maybe it is that on the outside, a lot of things look the same, a field of flowers, snowflakes, a group of houses, sometimes even several people from a distance. But as one gets closer, there begins to unfold the specific differences.

And sometimes it takes a moment for the light to hit something so that we can make out what it is. Sometimes if we don’t see the specific light of something we begin to think it might be something that it is not.

How beautiful that nature produces such a variance of design, that each snowflake, each flower, each person is individualistic and in fact has not been replicated at any point in time!  With 6 billion people on the planet and all the ones who came before us, how can that be?  Why would that be?

This cabin had a sense of being in the right place with elements that both looked outward toward a beautiful peaceful river, a luscious forest of trees, and a sunset filled western sky, and inward through a wall of windows from the West to the East toward the living and kitchen areas, comfortably appointed with elements touched with the patina of caring moments.

One senses that the balance that one feels from this house, looking outward and inward would be that sense of balance that one would look for one’s own life… to reflect on those elements that come to us, and rather than just responding, allowing that which is of light to penetrate our hearts and minds before we make a response.

Hmmm. That would be a different approach to the world as it is today!

What feeling is it that might be emanating from our core in this moment? What elements are we receiving back from the world? Does it make a difference what we are emanating from our center and how we receive the response from the world?

Is it the input that adjusts our path?

We cannot know who we are except by the people that we interact with, though many have tried to do just the inward looking or the outward looking. Beautiful steps either direction, though as we know it takes looking with inner eyes and outer ears, to both hear and see those things that connect us to the whole.

When is the right time to feel at home, in our home, and to be able to share that feeling and sense of home with all about us?

Question is, when do we think is the right time to start?


The Reality of Imagination

Goat in Greece

Goat in Greece

Ah, the beauty of imagination.

Some of us we say are blessed with much imagination.

Imagination is a gift we say…a way of creating a world to escape into or away from, a tool for improving a product or creating a new one. Something to be desired as with it one can become rich and famous in the world! Just mention the name Steve Jobs and who would not believe that imagination played a large part of his success in the world.

It seems that Steve harnessed the power of the world with the reins of his imagination. How seductive the thought of how to use the power! The world would be very appreciative of your efforts!


One might ask the question, what is the Gift of Imagination really for? How is it that man, male and female, have this capability?

So how does one get this imagination? Is one born with it? Is it given only to a certain few privileged and select ones like some kind of special precious stone or talisman that has an inner shine when one receives and holds it in one’s hands?

To whatever degree that we wonder about these things we can be assured that we each of us have been given a piece of this precious stone, the one that shines inwardly as well as outwardly. A Shaman’s token, this element.

How sweet the privilege of this gift and how few of us realize it’s potential in our lives!


The Reality of Imagination is that it reveals a doorway to the Realization of the Truth of Reality.

The world would say different. The world would say that imagination is just in one’s mind, and by utilizing the desire in one’s heart, it can applied to make money and build things. While this seems to work on the basis of creating and obtaining things in the world, it falls short of realizing a True understanding of the Pleasure and Joy of the Reality of being on Earth! Though some would say it is these things that bring me pleasure and joy, it is a fact that much of the True Pleasure and Joy is left on the table of Life unused and overlooked.

Not that there is anything wrong with obtaining things and enjoying their use, but what I am pointing to is the fact that the current use of imagination may be underutilized in one’s experience or directed in ways that are seemingly divisive. Using one’s desire to obtain things is not unheard of in today’s world. Ha!

Imagination however, if given an opportunity to be used in a forward looking, whole and holistic approach to our lives has the ability to transform what certainly appears in front of one to be just certain basic and ordinary forms and styles of living, into Symbols of the True Representation of the Nature of Nature. The Creative Beauty and Gracefulness that is Present Here and Now.


Meaning that the Effervescence of Life, that we each one of us are looking for in Truth, that which might possibly be termed “Heaven on Earth”, is that which connects us with and lies inside the forms themselves. It is the Truth of the Reality of the Nature of Life. This simple and seemingly pedantic use of Imagination can be a Gift of Realization for what surrounds us, bringing a sense of Understanding about the world and the Earth. Purpose needs a Creative Atmosphere to be Understood and acted upon.

If it is a concern of one, not just to surround oneself with baubles and things to entertain oneself for the duration of one’s time on Earth but to move out of the doldrums of the stagnant and still air that seemingly surrounds the world and its patterns as it appears today, then there must be something to assist one to connect in the right direction, to move out of the area that one got into, for something new, creative, different, exciting and innovative. Life and living is all of that. All of the time. There is a reason why it is called Creative Living.

Imagination allows us to use our senses in Real Time to recognize that which is new and different about each moment one is present on Earth. It is a gift of unbelieveable proportions.

And it is available right now to anyone who would subscribe to allowing it to be used and developed from within for the Right Intentions.

How would it be to experience the Essence of Joy, without a sword in one’s hand nor a book of concepts in the other?

In essence without the divisiveness of the world. Can that be possible? Is it possible to experience Joy and Pleasure without attempting to utilize the sense of it to obtain things just for ourselves? Or to conquer those around us with it?

The Richness of the use of Imagination in our living, is what allows Life to be seen, heard and felt in Real Time, in ways that no other sense can do by itself. Imagination connects one to Nature, in a way that works in a larger sense and far greater way than one has been lead to believe to use it.

If there were to be Real Life Changes in your world, in my world, Imagination is a key to these changes, for coupled with the Richness of the Core of one’s heart, that is that Clear Space Untouched by the world, one begins to know and to experience that for which we are here for.

A Joy and a Pleasure. So simple. Without struggle, climbing or trying. What could be more seductive or alluring than that?


It is that which allows us and those about us to experience that which is whole and wholesome and True. That is the Reality, and not a figment of the imagination of the mind.

It would seem that The Reality of Imagination in a True sense is that which has the capability of being a gateway to that next Level of Experiencing Life and Living. A three, nay, a four dimensional Life.

Steve Jobs understood and believed in the Power of Imagination to the point of how to use it in the world, and how beautiful it is that his return of the use of this Gift provided him with things around him in a large way. How large of a world do we live in?

Yet imagination cannot be owned, nor copyrighted, nor bought or sold. The Realization is that if applied in our lives for the Purpose of Enriching our experience and those about us, without attempting to be divisive nor wielding a sword on a white horse, that the Return of the Caring for this Gift of Creative Capacity that we call imagination, will change our world and those about us, easily and effectively, and as surely as the Return that happened in Steve’s experience while on Earth.


Nature is Abundant. There are no limitations on Nature’s ability to Create. We all know this from a point of experiencing all the variations of life forms on this planet much less the Universe! It is Vibrant, Effervescent, Innovative and Creative beyond our ability to fully Understand, and even so, Nature is not capricious, it will bring Life to those who would entertain it.


At the Crossroads

Highway 61 and 49 Crossroads

At the Crossroads…

Dear Senator and House Representative,

Thank you for your willingness to be in a place of representation of a people in the United States, a challenging place to be at this time, as there is a growing atmosphere within the government that is not supportive of the one’s who are actually clothing and feeding it.

It is pretty amazing how the essence of Privilege and Responsibility get switched around when things seem to be working one’s way. It becomes a place of complacency and entitlement in lieu of the moving Energy towards Givingness and True Self-less Service.

It occurs to me that the Founding Fathers were in a place of utmost Selfless Service to their countrymen when they wrote the Foundational paper and many have attempted to discover new translations that would amend this organic piece of work, though it would seem that without first being in a place of attending to the attitude of Selfless Service, there is no way to amend and bring an organic solution to a paper that was created for the Purposes of Creative Expansion.

I think that many people realize that our government has grown exceedingly large though of itself this does not seem to be a central issue. The apparent issue as you realize and why people tend to be disconnected from the processes is that it is no longer able to respond to the True needs of the people. Why is this?

Perhaps what the Founding Father’s vision was that the minutiae of the details of living life were to be left open to the people and not for the government to attempt to amend to their whims.

Just as an example, I am pretty sure that George Washington would have had no idea that the government would have any concern or need to participate in the discussion of whether or not one is for or against birthing rights. So that the Vision was more of an open means for the needs of organizing a central place to provide a system of connecting people in such a way that a single entity might be provided for the world to interact with. This would unite the states into a powerful world face as the people would have a central voice to speak to the other nations of the world.

What I am attempting to relate is not a quasi-rumination of basic history but more of an attempt to rediscover the originating depth of connection as to why we became united states located in this land we call America.

The point is, is that if we can come to a point of Truth about our True Foundation, then it would probably be more clear as to a direction to head out from. Kind of like finding the North Star or in practical matters, realizing how we can be of service to one another without having to control everything around us to make sure things go our way.

It would seem that a flaw of the Constitution of the United States is that it has no means of letting go of the works that no longer make sense. Law-makers have added into the Agreement for these many years, to no avail, because the land is now more full of laws than ever before and there are many law-less people who now fill that space that was designed as a Free Space on Earth.

More government assistance normally translates (at the user end) to a well meaning interference with some very natural and organic processes of living. Would that we could look at the opportunity and the willingness of cleaning house first so that we could see more clearly what will be needed in the next period.

It would take a measure of Patience and Relaxing into what has been bogging down our government and taxing so hard a people who are willing to be taxed. And we are willing to be taxed. And have been. Just that the responsibility for keeping a clean house has not been attended to since the inception of this wonderful organic paper we call the constitution.

And of course as we know, there is currently a state of pressing taxation that is without precedence and is without representation.

Maybe there should be a law stating nothing new happens in the government without something being let go of first?

My sense is that like any organic thing in Nature there needs to be a way of letting go of those things that are no longer of current value so that the effort of carrying those things can be shifted to what is needed at this time. It is a simple arrangement of utilizing what energy or resources are at hand for either movement forward or attempting to sustain that which is not working at this time. The government as we all realize is bloated from it’s concern to continue to hold onto processes that may have worked great at one time but is now just taking resources to maintain and removing the ability of its efforts to be able to respond to what is currently in Season now.

I realize that those words are easily said, and probably just as easy understood, though as always the implication is that there is a need to resolve these issues through practical application.

How can we attend to what is needed and at the same time allow for a means of letting things go of that which is not?

We see this great process of renewal take place continually in Nature right before us, but as man sees his structures, they must be rigid and unyielding in order to work. Our government has no real means of letting things go, so that it only continues to grow larger.

The question is: If we do not attend to letting things go that are not useful, how can that be sustainable?


Thank you for your time, your effort and your patience and understanding to commit to a clearer and open place in which to live and to breathe in freedom from oppression. Let us all make a stand.



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Black Mountain, NC. 28711

What Remains

maple shavings

maple shavings

Planing wood curls

Air thick with thoughtful Breath

Clouds in Sky


Easy Morning

Stars bright in alignment

Sound of buses

Moments in Time


Dandelions: Whispers of the Earth photo credit

Morning has broken

Dandelions are blooming

Phone is ringing

End of the World…

I have been working on a project in the shop.

concept drawing

concept drawing

Quite interesting. The thought of bringing an idea of something into form has a certain aurora around it. For some people that is a bit daunting, while for others it may be something that is plowed through, and still for another group there seems to be ones who have a sense that there is something larger at work than just doing.

Yet bringing something into form is in fact what we each one of us are doing all the time.  Consciously or not, the very existence of our presence here is a realization of the fact that the process of Creative Activity is bringing forth new forms in every moment.  Is it not really how and what we believe in as to how and what is actually being created?


I thought about this idea this morning, because a certain limitation in the process of building this new form in the shop, has appeared, and to the degree that I believe that this limitation has value then it becomes a stumbling block to the process and the outcome of the new form. Can it be any other way?

It would seem that any problem or issue that we are facing has a certain amount of aurora surrounding it depending on how much we care about the problem or issue! That is an interesting statement even if it is redundant in its grammar. Ha!

Well, what I am attempting to relate is that we can assist the growing of our problems and issues that we face by giving them what they need. And we all know that to grow anything one needs to care for it and water it and feed it, so that it will grow big and strong, and…

aphids enjoying

aphids enjoying

Wait! These are the problems and issues that we would like to clear away from our lives so why would we want to feed these things with energy? Exactly the point is it not? Yet apparently that is what most people are doing in their situations! Now I am not promulgating the idea that one does not recognize the fact that there may be real issues at hand, though what I am suggesting is that the concentration of effort be directed toward the root of the issue and not glazing over it, just to get past a moment and onto the next thing.

The reality of problems and issues in our worlds do have roots. This situation could be described by the words ‘Cause and Effect’.  For every Effect there is a Cause, though like a plant that has been watered for some time, if we study the plant carefully we will see that it has been growing…one leaf/issue at a time, seemingly tirelessly. Just as tirelessly, Nature is, has been, and continues to attempt to work His/Her magic in spite of our concerns of limitations through this cacophony of a situation. Yet the limitations of Design really begin in our own minds, not in the Reality of Nature.

maple shavings

maple shavings

So running up against these issues that we are facing really has to do with the reality that some things are clearly not right with our worlds. Things which we may have, ourselves, possibly put in front of us in a form to begin to understand what is the nature of the state of limitation we are really working with and why the need is to let go of that limitation! It is the Effect of a certain Cause. It may take a bit of meditation and or reflection to begin to see the root issues, though it is exactly what may be needed for other things in our lives to begin to clear up also. And more than likely it will not be the first thing that you think it to be either. The general tendency in the world, is to blame something else or someone else for the Effects of Life in our daily living, and if we chose that attitude then we are actually giving up our right to understand something that is attempting to work out for ourselves. For our own growth. Blame is in reality a giving up of one’s own ability to respond in a matter, and forgoing a concern for a True Understanding as of Why this is occurring.



Like anyone who would aspire to be responsible in our own situations, we can begin to see why it is a good thing not to skirt the part of meeting the issues. That is, if we would like to think that what we are doing has some kind of meaning, then we must be willing to take a moment to relax and let the value of it become consciously known to ourselves in our own minds and hearts. Patience and tranquility are probably good attitudes to take in these cases. And what the hey, anytime seems right for those attitudes. Right?

Realizing that the shop is but part of a whole experience of a day, still there is in the shop a plethora of opportunities to discover new methods of approaching the wood and the tools with which one works with. This is not to say that everything is in chaos all the time, because it is not. Though  each time something is done, it is actually done for the first time, every time. Solutions are available because when we come against an imaginary wall, in lieu of fighting, struggling, or just doggedly trying to work something out, we begin to relax and reflect on the situation allowing for a certain conviction that the right understanding to move beyond the block or wall is within reach and the actuality of Reality. It is the limitation that is imaginary. Do you believe that?

new form?

new form?

So there you go, the answer to the points of limitation in our lives is not actually a need to fight, but more a need to turn and face the limitation and in a sense, to be aware that it is nothing more than a curve in the road. Hahaha! There is more to do than to be frustrated by simple problems.

Well then, I think that I will go back to the shop! Many discoveries are awaiting there to be realized.

things working out...

things working out…

So here is to looking forward to talking to you on the next blog! Your thoughts are appreciated!

The Nature of Nature

Attempts to Control Life?

The Nature of Nature

I have been wondering lately about the sense of Intuition.

When we think about our experience of living: that is of our interactions with ourselves first, and then others, or with the material things that we have around us, and that would extend to those things with which that we work with…there seems at first, the direct relationship we have to the senses of touch, taste, smell, hearing and seeing. We know that all our senses are being employed all the time.

Yes. We know this. Just that we do not normally focus on taste unless we have something in our mouth to experience or until we touch something that we ponder the sense of touch. It would seem that we tend to limit our range of awareness to whatever sense seems to be in focus at the time. However, all our senses are working all the time. Just because we might sense an advantage to focus on one at a time does not mean we are not using the others. Sounds pretty basic I know. The trick seems to be that most of us do not actually focus on our senses as such. Each of our senses has been surrounded with ideas and concepts to the point that we do not experience a point of contact with the atmosphere that is the Reality but one that we conceive in our own minds and hearts to be reality. Interesting?


As we know in the world we have a situation that has shifted from having a distinct sense of Wonder and Pondering, a sense of Intuition of the place we are in, to a sense of imagination about many things, no longer having our life force centered in our specific core and experiencing that beat and rhythm emanating from the Center, but allowing other things to distract and generally add a sense of chaos to our lives. And of course, we think that certain ones who focus on themselves are narcissist and egotistic and we do not want to be like that! But you realize of course I am not talking about surface kind of things. This is not a thought about how great one is in that sense.

The heart, your heart, my heart, beats without ideas of self amplification, self inflation, or self-anything! It beats without trying, struggling or fighting. It is. You are. I am. Pretty simple if we think about it in those terms.  Throughout recorded history no one, that is not one True Prophet, has eluded to the fact that living Life is a complicated, head induced, rock climbing, martial arts training kind of elusive experience. Our world as it is today would like us to believe that it will take all those things and more to live a life. And those kind of things do have their rightful place as we know. Though, the Reality, that is the scientific Truth, is that Life is something that is simple, natural and rich in and of itself, and that the simplicity of a Rich Connected Experience to others and to Nature is available to each and everyone of us. Nice. It is the Foundation that is the basis of the beginning point of all understanding, intuitiveness and wisdom.

Thing is, is that we are not our imaginations! Although to the degree that we believe that an imaginary thing is real then we will tend to have a growth in that direction.  This is the Nature of Nature. Whatever we water in invisible or visible means, we will have growth. That can mean in imaginary ways that seem real because others are willing to agree with you or in real ways that may take some quiet wondering and pondering. Relaxing into the Reality of our senses. All our senses, or as it is said, our common senses, that are allowed to gather into an experience of an Intuitive Sense about where we are and what we are doing. In this, there is a realization that the word and action of focus here is the operative word.

Again, this is not rocket science and we have pretty much heard these things from many people through time. Though the mind is kind of like a labyrinth in that way, so in order for something to get past it, there seems to be a lot of hoops to jump over and around and through. That is not what you would call a direct path. And it can be hard if we attempt to run a full discourse through the jungle of concepts and ideas in our minds. Just saying.

It is kind of like that monster in the closet (or was it under the bed?) that many of us experienced as children. To the degree that we let that thought enter into our minds and hearts, we were under the spell of that particular energy. It could probably be described by the word fear. Fear of this, fear of that, not really based in something real, more based in a sense of something unknown that is ready to pounce on one, chew one up and of course end an existence…of what? A fear based world? Let that be so!

Reality or the essence of things that are real are real in and of themselves. A closet is a closet. A bed, a bed.  The point here is that in order to experience the Reality of anything, we are pressed to let go of our imaginations about it. One could say that it is our concepts and ideas about the world insulate us from the actuality of it. The Wonder of The Nature of Nature.


If we are to come to a point of rest with our lives in this beautiful place and time, at some point that imaginary monster must be let go…or are we still tied to that energy under the bed?

Would enjoy hearing your thoughts and experiences!


The Ant and the CEO

Ant interacting with a feather. Photo credit Richard Seaman

A conversation with my son not long ago brought forth a thought about how a very small and possibly insignificant ant relates to the reality of being a CEO.

You see, somehow as we were driving along, an ant found it’s way onto my son’s phone, and rather than just brush it off, he thought to study it a moment. A rich moment.

He watched as it circumnavigated the phone and the new territory that it found itself on, pausing from time to time, while it’s antenna moved questioningly in the air. As one studied the actions of the ant, a sense of the atmosphere that surrounded the beingness of it, became more and more apparent.

One of the realizations of being in the world is that we are in a world of change. No one really denies that fact, yet how many of us are focused in a position as to be listening to the new inputs, the new surface and texture of what we are traversing in this time, this place?

The ant is a male of the insect world, and has a connection to a control pattern that allows him to report back to his higher up, in this case, the queen. Yet what is his purpose? Is he not the leading edge of exploration for the queen? And if that is true, then what is his attitude? How does he deal with new environments, new inputs, new obstacles?

The ant is moving, receiving and digesting new information, though it is not in a place of judging that information. It does not go into a state of protectionism when new things appear, nor fear, nor fight nor flight. It remains to investigate further until something works out as to whether the thing is helpful or not.

If we study the actions of ants they are amazingly deft and efficient. So what would happen if you deliberately put something in their way just to see what happens? Like other species that we know, there always seems to be a bit of confusion at first as the new input is assessed. As the obstacle is sized, it is then seemingly assessed as to how to work with it, or if need be, to go around it, but better the first because distance is an obstacle in itself when you are an ant.

A corollary might be: If you are an ant, you are always looking for ways to work with something that is seemingly in your path. The use of common sense is amazing.

So what does it mean to lead in our world? If you are a leader, you are dealing with new inputs; new inputs every day on different levels. Is that not the definition and life of a leader? So one must ask on a continuing basis what is in our paths? What do we find annoying? What would we just move around without giving due consideration as to how it may assist us, or for us to assist it?

Well, that brings in another point, and a point of distinction.

For as we know: The reality of the separation of us from that of the insect world, mineral world, vegetable world, and the animal world on this planet is our ability to choose to uplift those things around us in creative, organic, symbiotic, and natural ways. It means that we do not need to look too long at the needs of oneself to realize that one’s own needs are reflected in others and the world at large, and that the ability to serve others selflessly brings rewards beyond our own calculations.

In ant-land new information is a key to the survival of the group. How then is new information met when it comes into your path (trick question because it is always in your path…whether we chose to see it or not…)?

Steve Jobs. Of course. Photo credit internet.

Is there an attitude of listening tranquility? Is one curious as to why this is in one’s path? Is there a feeling of non-judgmental attitude? Do we listen to the atmosphere around us?  It is about an air of using the senses given to one, using the ability to bring our senses to focus here in a real grounding way, without concern to impress. The concern is to serve, and serve selflessly.

We have all visited a business that felt exciting the minute you walked in the door. You could sense that an attitude of newness and discovery were in the air. That is the reality of true listening, and true action.

You know, one of the things about a business on the leading edge is that the atmosphere is titillating, buzzing with people willing to express new ideas, new goals, and new products for the marketplace. Even to start new businesses themselves. How would you view that?

Does titillating atmosphere describe your business?

Would enjoy hearing from you!

The Music of the Unknown

Explorers Lewis and Clark

Lewis and Clark: An Adventure into the Unknown. (Image may be subject to copyright)

I was wondering about the elements of newness that seem to be appearing all around us, and it brought up thoughts about the essences of exploration and how that translates into our lives.

Ships of Columbus

Exploring New Waters

If we think about the explorations of the well-known and celebrated ones like Columbus, for instance, who sailed into the Unknown in the face of the Dark, or like Meriwether Lewis and William Clark, who moved across uncharted lands in search of a new route, there is the beginning sense of what an explorer at heart might need to come to terms with.  The definition according to the Free Dictionary of an explorer is: one who moves into territory that has not been discovered or revealed before this time and place. If we take a road trip or other adventure, that sense of newness to one’s surroundings begins to feel real. New surroundings, new people new events happening outside of our control…in a sense, we can realize how we might translate the awareness of being in a place of new surroundings moment by moment.

Where do new things come from? Is this not from some place called the Unknown? In our experience how do we interpret the Unknown? Is this something to be feared? Or loathed to look at? Are we comfortable with the elements of our lives and of what we hold in our hearts so that we can look at what is to come with a certain steadiness and joy?

Map of the Elemental Particles of the Universe

Elemental Particles of the Universe

The Unknown can mean a shift in the change of direction of our lives and it can signal the nuances of a subtle influencing movement of world patterns which affect our lives. Would it not behoove us, in our own interest to wonder, how can we befriend this mysterious place called the Unknown?

We realize, that looking backwards, the explorers of the past exercised a certain ability to examine the concepts, ideas and consciousness of their time and to review those things that were accepted, in order to move into a place of new ideas and discoveries. Whoever the explorer was, did not accept for him or herself what the status quo was, and had to be willing to let go of what was known for something that was, well basically, Unknown!

Hmmm. Interesting. Do we just forget what we know? Or as we might listen patiently to a friend talking to us, do we allow for a space to be present within us to question what is and not jump to the conclusion that we know the answers? Most of us have grown up with the essence that to be an adult in our society is to hold onto certain truths and not to question them, but to figuratively and literally go down with the ship to protect them. And why would we do this? Because our elders did the same? Because it promotes our society? Because to question would create an instability with the agreements that are in place?

What constitutes the status quo? Is this about the continuum of a procession of ideas and concepts that are being carried forward by the willing ones? And what if some of the foundational ideas and concepts were flawed to begin with? I think that we all know this to be true, yet how we move from a place of realizing an inequity and allowing a change to take place can be a daunting task in our own minds. The reality is though, is that the Reality of Life exists with or without our attempts to form it in some imaginary place in our minds. Hmmm. The words come to mind of “Let go”. That is, let go of the attempts to form a reality apart from Reality.

We know that there was something that each individual explorer needed to realize and move through in order to accomplish what they did.  In order to meet anything that is coming towards one, there is the need to turn in that direction!  One cannot meet the energy by turning to the side or to the back, or even turning to peek at it and then move away.

Energetically then, if we would like to be in a place of exploring new discoveries, creating new things and bringing new ideas into form, it makes sense that one needs to be able to free oneself from looking behind oneself, so that one can be sensitive enough to meet what is coming toward one in this moment. Easy for you to say, yet easily enough to do too! And like most patterns of behavior, one must desire to be in a place of Reality in order to unlearn old patterns, and allow the new ones to form. This is where the amount of desire and willingness to let go of an old viewpoint of one’s self or other’s around one, or one’s surroundings becomes the vehicle for change and infuses one with the uplifting energy of the explorer’s attitude.

Meriwether Lewis had specific things to meet within himself as he moved across the US.  Those things that he assumed from being on a farm or in the city, had to be questioned as he saw the new territory unfold in front of him. In a sense it would have meant working with the factors that were at hand and in front of him, so that he could begin to realize what was in the new territory. An animal was not just another animal, nor a tree a tree, a rock, the vegetation…all were new in some way, yet in order to see this, he had to leave his current ideas and concepts behind him, and with the curiosity of a child not assume that he knew anything.

Lewis and Clark exploration

Map of Lewis and Clark’s Exploration

In essence one needs to be able to let go of the past and to be present, so that one’s surround can be re-examined, re-thought, and re-visited with new ears and eyes! Hahaha! So simple and yet so tricksy a statement! Yet I think that we are onto something!

To the degree that we might be able to stand in the place that we are now, and be present, there begins to develop an element of appreciation for the things that are around us and those things coming in from the Vastness of the Future, as well as those things that are receding into the past: a separation in fact, of the Known and Unknown. A place that is new, exciting, and to be explored!

exploring color

A Sense of Exploration!

How interesting!  How fun and challenging!

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