The Pie And the Tree.

Ahhh, how nice! …A Slice of Pie? And I do not own the copyrights to this photo. (

The other day I was listening to someone speak about their experience of a moment in time with another one. It was an experience that rendered a feeling of contest for the both of them unfortunately without either one meaning to, a sense of striving, and in the end of that moment, what could be born out of the experience was something flat and distorted.

Just part of living in the world you might say.

It brought to mind the analogy of the proverbial pie. Of course, there is only so much of it right?. Don’t waste it, share only with those who are worthy, and most of all protect your pie for yourself while looking for opportunities to eat another’s pie. Of course that is an absurd way of looking at a heart rending experience of sharing with another one and the truth is I empathize (as opposed to sympathize) with each one whose experience is relegated to such a point.

On the other hand, is this our experience of living? Because it is this experience and moments like this experience of living that make the experience of living! Does that make sense? How else can it be?

Well, we could say that someone was not really having a good day, or that the weather had been cloudy, or that from a prior moment, something had just happened that did not lift the person up, so in any case, here were two people coming together for a moment and sharing, what?

And as it has been said, to what end? I do not own the copyrights to this photo.

Are we connected to each the other by Form or by the Actuality of Space?

We talk, and others have talked, about being present in the now, but really what does that mean? When we are present in a moment alone, are we present? Well you might say of course I am present! Well yes and no.
And mostly that is the picture for many people is it not? The form is present, but the mind and heart are very busy with things of the past or those things of the future. It would seem that in part it might be so that we might not be called lazy or unproductive or a myriad of other ideas and concepts that keep us from being relaxed and focused in this time and place.

Yet in a state where the mind is actively engaged in solving the equations of the an underrated heart, so that one is steeped in the concepts of the world, we are anything but present. We have only to look and wonder at the peaceful sensation of a baby to know that presence is something that is inherent to each one of us.

Scientifically we know that we are made up of atoms, and that atoms have space. Actually more space than form and if we were able to gather the form verses the space in our bodies we would have to come to the conclusion that we were 99 percent space!

That is a pretty big number!

So we might imagine what is filling that space? And if we are 99 percent space, what is the purpose of that Space? It has a function right? Everything in Nature has a function and Purpose. Does this space relate to anything around us? That might be a good question!

Photo from author's collection.

Photo from author’s collection.

If we begin to sense that there is something more in this Space than just emptiness, that is truly contained in each of our bodies, and that we each one have and are a part of, then what is it we share when we meet another one? If we subscribe to this Reality of thought, and to our gift of our ability to create, we have found that we have the capacity to fill that Space with…you guessed it! Thoughts, concepts, ideas, past mistakes, past undoings, past areas of unfulfillment, past areas of fulfillment! And finally when we meet up with another one, what we eventually share is the Space between us! Hahaha!

Welcome to the world as it is today!

As babies, we noted, the Essence of Presence is beautiful and quite apparent, though, if you were to be analytic you might say the mind at that point is quite open and in a learning state. How does that change when we add in a few experiences from the world?

Interestingly, quite suddenly before our very own eyes, we can often see and feel a vibrational change in the way one processes the experience of living. This is good, this is not good. I like this, I do not like that. Kind of constantly processing our time and place with concepts and ideas about who we are and our place in the world, based on what we are given to enjoy or not, and we begin to discern what gifts the world has for us and how we can best take advantage of that.

Sounds almost logical in one way.

On the other hand, the world sees things in a somewhat straight line: A+B=C. Math, Science, Language. Not saying that this is bad or good, just the main focus of the world the way it is at this time. Yet what we all know about Nature is that nothing comes in a straight line, not even just three dimensional. It goes way beyond that. Simply said we all know that it has no limitation that we can be aware of. It is beyond and above us and includes the Whole Universe.


What if we Analyzed by What Connects Us?

Are we not a part of Nature? A part of the Universe? Not the focus of the Universe, but a part of the Whole of Creation. Not bad, eh? Just that sometimes we believe that we are the focus of the Universe and that the Earth is the only planet and All Things focus on me! Nice! For me. Is that real?

The pie and the Tree. The pie is defined by it’s luxurious, sweet essence, that satisfies one’s senses. A wonderful creation of man’s doing. It fills the belly. Yeah! Yet the Tree has no limitation on its ability to produce fruit from which one can make a pie. A question to ask might be how do we identify ourselves in the world? By what size a slice of the pie the world is willing to give us or we can take from it? Or do we identify with being more of a Source of Food?

Are we thinking about what we might allow of our own creative abilities and talents to bring to the table to make the pies so to speak? Where is the strife in that with others? Or would it bring further and greater possibilities to each one of us to grow? Never mind that another one is not thinking in this way! It matters not in one sense. If we can see the possibility of Change and New Creative Activity, that is enough for us.


More than a Slice.


Can we see a difference in attitude? And how valuable a difference in the way each one of us can utilize our capacities and talents and bring to the Table of Realization of Change something Real to Share?

An attitude of an Atmosphere of Abundance. Just because. It is the Reality.


It would be good to hear your comments! Until next time, then!


The Nature of Nature

Attempts to Control Life?

The Nature of Nature

I have been wondering lately about the sense of Intuition.

When we think about our experience of living: that is of our interactions with ourselves first, and then others, or with the material things that we have around us, and that would extend to those things with which that we work with…there seems at first, the direct relationship we have to the senses of touch, taste, smell, hearing and seeing. We know that all our senses are being employed all the time.

Yes. We know this. Just that we do not normally focus on taste unless we have something in our mouth to experience or until we touch something that we ponder the sense of touch. It would seem that we tend to limit our range of awareness to whatever sense seems to be in focus at the time. However, all our senses are working all the time. Just because we might sense an advantage to focus on one at a time does not mean we are not using the others. Sounds pretty basic I know. The trick seems to be that most of us do not actually focus on our senses as such. Each of our senses has been surrounded with ideas and concepts to the point that we do not experience a point of contact with the atmosphere that is the Reality but one that we conceive in our own minds and hearts to be reality. Interesting?


As we know in the world we have a situation that has shifted from having a distinct sense of Wonder and Pondering, a sense of Intuition of the place we are in, to a sense of imagination about many things, no longer having our life force centered in our specific core and experiencing that beat and rhythm emanating from the Center, but allowing other things to distract and generally add a sense of chaos to our lives. And of course, we think that certain ones who focus on themselves are narcissist and egotistic and we do not want to be like that! But you realize of course I am not talking about surface kind of things. This is not a thought about how great one is in that sense.

The heart, your heart, my heart, beats without ideas of self amplification, self inflation, or self-anything! It beats without trying, struggling or fighting. It is. You are. I am. Pretty simple if we think about it in those terms.  Throughout recorded history no one, that is not one True Prophet, has eluded to the fact that living Life is a complicated, head induced, rock climbing, martial arts training kind of elusive experience. Our world as it is today would like us to believe that it will take all those things and more to live a life. And those kind of things do have their rightful place as we know. Though, the Reality, that is the scientific Truth, is that Life is something that is simple, natural and rich in and of itself, and that the simplicity of a Rich Connected Experience to others and to Nature is available to each and everyone of us. Nice. It is the Foundation that is the basis of the beginning point of all understanding, intuitiveness and wisdom.

Thing is, is that we are not our imaginations! Although to the degree that we believe that an imaginary thing is real then we will tend to have a growth in that direction.  This is the Nature of Nature. Whatever we water in invisible or visible means, we will have growth. That can mean in imaginary ways that seem real because others are willing to agree with you or in real ways that may take some quiet wondering and pondering. Relaxing into the Reality of our senses. All our senses, or as it is said, our common senses, that are allowed to gather into an experience of an Intuitive Sense about where we are and what we are doing. In this, there is a realization that the word and action of focus here is the operative word.

Again, this is not rocket science and we have pretty much heard these things from many people through time. Though the mind is kind of like a labyrinth in that way, so in order for something to get past it, there seems to be a lot of hoops to jump over and around and through. That is not what you would call a direct path. And it can be hard if we attempt to run a full discourse through the jungle of concepts and ideas in our minds. Just saying.

It is kind of like that monster in the closet (or was it under the bed?) that many of us experienced as children. To the degree that we let that thought enter into our minds and hearts, we were under the spell of that particular energy. It could probably be described by the word fear. Fear of this, fear of that, not really based in something real, more based in a sense of something unknown that is ready to pounce on one, chew one up and of course end an existence…of what? A fear based world? Let that be so!

Reality or the essence of things that are real are real in and of themselves. A closet is a closet. A bed, a bed.  The point here is that in order to experience the Reality of anything, we are pressed to let go of our imaginations about it. One could say that it is our concepts and ideas about the world insulate us from the actuality of it. The Wonder of The Nature of Nature.


If we are to come to a point of rest with our lives in this beautiful place and time, at some point that imaginary monster must be let go…or are we still tied to that energy under the bed?

Would enjoy hearing your thoughts and experiences!


Confucius say? Or was that Simon?

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Confucius Confucius

K’ung-fu-tzu or Confucius (as was translated into a Latin form) it is known, was a philosopher, a poet and a statesman.

His biography has been pieced together by a number of sources, such that there seems to be a bit of variance to certain aspects of his life, though much is known to be true.

The world state of affairs in China was in turmoil at the time of his birth, in 551 B.C. (479-551BC), his father was known to be a great warrior who retired into a position of statesmanship for the State of Lu; his mother a young teenager who born the babe out of wedlock, and seemingly beyond the means for his father’s wealth to reach him. It appears that there were other official wives who were in receipt of his estate.

During this time, what was once a stable source of power through the government…

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The Ant and the CEO

Ant interacting with a feather. Photo credit Richard Seaman

A conversation with my son not long ago brought forth a thought about how a very small and possibly insignificant ant relates to the reality of being a CEO.

You see, somehow as we were driving along, an ant found it’s way onto my son’s phone, and rather than just brush it off, he thought to study it a moment. A rich moment.

He watched as it circumnavigated the phone and the new territory that it found itself on, pausing from time to time, while it’s antenna moved questioningly in the air. As one studied the actions of the ant, a sense of the atmosphere that surrounded the beingness of it, became more and more apparent.

One of the realizations of being in the world is that we are in a world of change. No one really denies that fact, yet how many of us are focused in a position as to be listening to the new inputs, the new surface and texture of what we are traversing in this time, this place?

The ant is a male of the insect world, and has a connection to a control pattern that allows him to report back to his higher up, in this case, the queen. Yet what is his purpose? Is he not the leading edge of exploration for the queen? And if that is true, then what is his attitude? How does he deal with new environments, new inputs, new obstacles?

The ant is moving, receiving and digesting new information, though it is not in a place of judging that information. It does not go into a state of protectionism when new things appear, nor fear, nor fight nor flight. It remains to investigate further until something works out as to whether the thing is helpful or not.

If we study the actions of ants they are amazingly deft and efficient. So what would happen if you deliberately put something in their way just to see what happens? Like other species that we know, there always seems to be a bit of confusion at first as the new input is assessed. As the obstacle is sized, it is then seemingly assessed as to how to work with it, or if need be, to go around it, but better the first because distance is an obstacle in itself when you are an ant.

A corollary might be: If you are an ant, you are always looking for ways to work with something that is seemingly in your path. The use of common sense is amazing.

So what does it mean to lead in our world? If you are a leader, you are dealing with new inputs; new inputs every day on different levels. Is that not the definition and life of a leader? So one must ask on a continuing basis what is in our paths? What do we find annoying? What would we just move around without giving due consideration as to how it may assist us, or for us to assist it?

Well, that brings in another point, and a point of distinction.

For as we know: The reality of the separation of us from that of the insect world, mineral world, vegetable world, and the animal world on this planet is our ability to choose to uplift those things around us in creative, organic, symbiotic, and natural ways. It means that we do not need to look too long at the needs of oneself to realize that one’s own needs are reflected in others and the world at large, and that the ability to serve others selflessly brings rewards beyond our own calculations.

In ant-land new information is a key to the survival of the group. How then is new information met when it comes into your path (trick question because it is always in your path…whether we chose to see it or not…)?

Steve Jobs. Of course. Photo credit internet.

Is there an attitude of listening tranquility? Is one curious as to why this is in one’s path? Is there a feeling of non-judgmental attitude? Do we listen to the atmosphere around us?  It is about an air of using the senses given to one, using the ability to bring our senses to focus here in a real grounding way, without concern to impress. The concern is to serve, and serve selflessly.

We have all visited a business that felt exciting the minute you walked in the door. You could sense that an attitude of newness and discovery were in the air. That is the reality of true listening, and true action.

You know, one of the things about a business on the leading edge is that the atmosphere is titillating, buzzing with people willing to express new ideas, new goals, and new products for the marketplace. Even to start new businesses themselves. How would you view that?

Does titillating atmosphere describe your business?

Would enjoy hearing from you!

Graduation: An Open Letter (to my Sons and Daughters)

graduationA Graduation.

Your graduation. It is a beautiful thing. It is a culmination of a lot of hours of hard work, studying, planning, the determination and the actuality of  the taking of responsibility for ones life step by step as one moves into the world. This is a time to Celebrate a very real accomplishment. A time to kick back and relax a moment, after having been through the testing of the fire of book learning and deadlines. To realize that you actually jumped through the fire with only a few singes to the hair on the body…

So just saying, along with the kudos of accomplishment, the world is also excited on another level, and that is to accept you into the realm of earning more money, buying its services and goods and by the way, paying more taxes than you already do! So, in the world’s mind, your value has increased because of the new ranges of capacity to earn money and pay taxes! Such are the benefits of a graduation for the world! And I am sure the world would say give us more graduates!

cool truck. credit jay grizzly

Of course, there is another perspective to think about! The word graduation, as you would know, comes from the latin root of gradus: to step or stage. It obviously relates to the sorting of things: by form, small or large, or perhaps by value, low quality or high quality, low value or high value, according to our beliefs and concerns. It is in one sense, a way of defining those things around us, because it allows for points of distinction.

I would like to point out though, that one aspect of the Purposes for which there are graduations in Nature is to provide for different levels of Service. These Levels of Service work to function in such a way as to build upon each the other as to produce a seamless Atmosphere of Unity and Harmony.  In Nature, a certain unique graduation is not valued higher or lower as such, because Nature does not compare one individual contribution to another, yet it does boil down to whether or not an element is providing a True level of Service that it was designed to do. And as we are a part of Nature, as part of the Whole, it would seem that there is that element of Design that is in expectation of our Service to the Whole. The question might be asked as to how is one to provide service to the Whole? Or to the Whole of what? I know that has been a burning question in one’s heart for a while now.

levels of service

And, that would be the whole of the Earth!  And while the suggestion that Service to the Whole of the Earth is quite a statement, the truth is that we know, one only needs to interpret those things in one’s own field, to be conscious of those things that are attempting to form in one’s range of Responsibility that begins to allow us to connect to the Whole of things and to be of Service right where we are. To the degree that we both understand that statement and hold steady when things are not obvious to us, then the possibility to continue to “graduate” becomes a Reality.

Graduating is actually a continual movement towards Fulfillment.

It is not a static result, nor an end of itself. It is the moving from one Realization to another through the actuality of moment by moment in the living of Life itself. It is this kind of growing that actuates the mechanism that opens the doors for the possibility to move from one pitch (utilizing a climbing term) to another in a symbolic, visceral and Real way.  A simple thought that passes most people on this way we call Life.

Nature builds on graduations. Some of those things that are coming into position to be born are more hardy than others. And it is to the degree that we allow for the refining of our senses that we can become agents for allowing new things to be born and experience new levels of Creativity not known before.


Simply put, if we move toward the direction of the world’s baubles first, then we will just add to the chaos and nothing much will happen in our lives, mostly just stuff. Sometimes good stuff sometimes not.  Yet  if we chose as well as we might, to be aware of the responsibility and privilege of being on Earth first, then anything that gets added into our lives has context and purpose and has a means of fulfilling our lives.

The book is being written today. Whether we recognize it or not, the book is being written upon which the historians will look back and see the beginning points from which the Real work was begun. You, as well as all of us, are in position today to either stymie or assist the new things that are needed to come. These things are waiting to come through you, through me. Do you believe that?


If you do, then let us, each one of us, be sensitive with all our capacities and talents to our own level of understanding and appreciation for these things, and continue to graduate into the Fullness, the Wholeness and the Completeness of Service to this Garden, and to the Verity of Life that we have been given.

In this, it is not personal, but it is Specific. You are the only one who can do what you are to do.



A Hill of Beans

So here we are, as someone said not too long ago, “like ants on a patio…”.

It was not a derogative remark, but an observation from the standpoint of the value of the level of consciousness that we are generally aware of. From the perspective of the Truth of Things, we know that we are working here so far below from what is available to us in terms of potential that we might as well be just part of the animal kingdom, doing what we physically can do for as long as we can, and then, leave the planet for something else, depending on what one believes or thinks is the Truth.

Principle. Purpose. Design. Integrity. Discipline. Action

Words that seemingly have so many shades of meaning and interpretation that one has only to look in any direction and one can find “the Path”, as defined by someone who, understood something and wrote it down or stood on a soap box and proclaimed himself or herself a prophet or seer. Has anything one has read or listened to really made a difference in your life? If so, to what degree? Is it religion that we need? Is it the practicality of just working hard? Or harder? If knowledge was the answer, would not all the scholars in all the grand institutes be walking on water, moving the planet in directions of great accomplishments and harmony?

Something is missing. And many are walking around feeling like strangers in a strange land. Where is this place they call home? Is it in the agreement of a mate? Of building some kind of structure on the face of the earth and anointing it with our approval and procreative activities?

Search lo here and lo there. Very few have found the well, the fountain. Yet the illusive fountain is said to be here. They said it was in Florida at one time, and all the people made a trek to that part of the world only to find that the mosquitoes were quite voracious. Ahhh. Not there.

Nicho and Dad-1

They thought the land of the Ancients held the Truths so some sojourned there even on bended knees and bare feet to find it. Alas. Cuts, bruises, and pain brought some kind of relief from the imagined suffering into the realm of real suffering, yet that goes away too, then there is the emptiness left. So they started to dig up the land of the Ancients to see if it was buried!

The Path. The Luminous Path. The Yellow Brick Road. So talked about and so nebulous. It might well be found in the Land of Oz.  Many have attempted that path also.

How fun and funny! But do not laugh at any one.  The funniest is oneself.

Ants. On the patio. Well, for that matter, even ants have power well beyond their size. What is it? Something in the range of being capable of picking up things 10 times their size…it is written down somewhere, right now the exactness of how much beyond their size they can pick up is not really important. It is that they were given the ability to complete tasks that were seemingly beyond what we humans think we could do if we were given the same tasks. The most that we can do it would seem is to imitate the ants, or something else that we fancy, because whatever they are doing seems to work for them!

Hahaha! Is not that not the crux of the issue? To look outside of oneself and imitate, even something that really makes sense, what we see or hear? What was that which was said about the Lemmings? No, we have different capacities and talents than Lemmings. Instead of going off cliffs together, looking for a leader, there is actually that which is inside of one, who would lead, could lead, if only we could find that one…

So again. We are left with the wondering…that is if one has a desire to discover more about what we are doing in this part of the Universe!  How am I to reach this Path and move ahead? Or some of us will say forget that imaginary trip and I will just go to work and build the brick house, and eat the rich food and live the life, empty or not. It will be my way and the rest be damned.

I think in some way this form of living can be likened unto the child play with dolls.  We seem to have a commonality with playing  with dolls or swords at a young age and pretending that we are princesses or princes and moving things around according to a plan we see emerge from our imagination.  As we begin to grow in maturity we find that it is not acceptable to continue to play with the dolls or swords in imagination, so we seemingly at some level keep that thought and move it to a new level of playing! Now we have larger things we can move around according to some plan we have emerging from our prodigious imagination, and if things work out and the world agrees with our view, then we are success-full! If not, well maybe there is another lifetime that can be had on the go-around, who knows? Life is a merry-go-round ride! Maybe we just picked the wrong horse to ride this time…

A hill of beans. Ever attempt to stack beans? Hahaha! They slide down on each the other, though if you have enough of them, they begin to look something like a hill. The trouble is, is that with a little pressure they fall back down again. Lots of effort, not much result. Sounds a bit like politics! Yet that is the place where the pinnacle of man’s thoughts for this country is supposed to reside. The “Capitol” of ideas and concepts.

They even call it Capitol Hill!

In any case, it is the shell of a life that is slippery. Not the truth of life. If you watered and cared for just a few of those beans, we all know, you would have more beans than you could eat. Amazing. The symbolism is limited in many ways, yet the truth is, life, real life, always manifests from a point that resides from within.

Yet our world culture is seemingly about how we are stacked one to another by identification of mostly money and the access of it, clothes, friends, and by what we do. Somehow between the cracks of the stacking we are to find the light that makes us real and valuable, and have a life worth living.  Some swear by the Light and struggle; others give up and just look to be content where they are stacked.

If any one of us were to let a bit of water past these interestingly exciting (and sexy!) shells, what do you think would happen?

I was talking to my son the other day, and he was at the time studying biology in a class. Science it seems, has come to the point of discovering that a cell is really functioning about 90 percent in the invisible range before it replicates another form. After this time of gestation, then of a sudden, it begins to split and form another cell. This is how our bodies are functioning in real time. How many billions of these beautiful cells do we have, forming new cells in each moment? At different levels and functions all working within one outward form, not fighting to do what they were designed to do, but working to create from the level of function that was given them to do. Interesting no?

Let the sun shine in...-1

Do we begin to see how we can develop prodigious imaginations? There is a lot of space in that 90 percent of function! But better than imagination is Reality! Imagination is limited by one’s own mind: the concepts and ideas about life, and that depending on many factors of family, geography, capacities and talents.

We move from small doll houses into larger more sophisticated houses that can now house us and entertain us, yet the concepts and ideas that we accept as true are basically limiting us to just the outer skin our lives and those around us.

A little water. Let go of the ruffles of life…of course they have ridges! Hahaha! What we would like to know more about is the 90% of function that is happening in each moment of our lives…that is the major functioning of our lives in fact!

Ever wonder why the ones that we think know the most about the truth of life, meditate? It is not the ritual that is important, not the form…more, it seems to be in the listening to that function of the invisible, that part of one that is totally functioning in the invisible that brings us into a closer contact with the Reality of the Unknown, the Mystery of Life. The actuality of our bodies. The actuality of our environment. The actuality of the atmosphere of our planet. Not in imagination.



Until next time. Would love to hear your comments! Let’s keep exploring the experience of being on Earth!

Inside the Cell

9 yr old discussing the meaning of life and the universe…

Photo credits by author


Pablo’s Neruda’s Onion

Neftali Ricardo Reyes Basoalto

Pablo Neruda

Pablo Neruda. Activist. Artist. Writer. Poet. A Time of War. Two wars. State of the Union. Mother missing. His father did not agree with his writing. Communist. A senator.

Born Neftali Ricardo Reyes Basoalto, and during the time for nurtured growing in the right pattern of closeness to his mother and father, Neftali’s mother died, leaving him and his father to work through the world’s patterns of striving and struggling. Is it easy for any one of us to work in the world, to find a path that brings fulfillment, joy and pleasure?  Mostly what we encounter is a sense of either that of passivity of world concerns or that of aggressive determination not to be owned by the world: a pattern that also has a way of reflecting the same thing that the world is famous for, that which is signified by ingratitude and a sense of unwelcomedness.  His father, eventually married again, to a woman of a previous relationship through which they had a child. In fact, Pablo grew up with two other siblings, each child from a different mother.

Neftali it seems saw, whether consciously or subconsciously, that the need for his expression to emerge would mean a separation from his father’s attitudes. One would imagine that this was not a question of right or wrong, but really what was given to him to do for his life to have meaning. Isn’t this what each one of us is given? Not only at the beginning of our lives but if we were to really relax with the flow of our life force, a question that appears each moment? Why is that? Why would we be interested in contemplating what has meaning in this moment? After all is there not work in front of us to do? And what about those dreams?

How can we manage to entertain great thoughts of accomplishment and at the same time, earn a living by the world’s demanding cries? There seems to be an underlying belief that cuts one to the quick in even entertaining those kind of thoughts. Success is only for a very few chosen ones…and if you are not born under the sign, you might as well just lay down your life and except the drudgery of the chain gang. Hahaha! But isn’t that running in the background of the world’s credo? The question is, how much are we in belief of that as a truth?

Neftali began writing about love, at an age when one thought he ought to be outside playing soccer or basketball, according to usual standards. Yet for him, there seemed to be a greater purpose to establish on the face of the earth. Do we hear that same beckoning within us? It is there. Waiting to be answered, or not. To step in that direction one has need to attune to a different level of nuance, from a faint and small voice that offers one the direction. “Go this way…” faintly (you can hear it!), a bit obscurely, and never a demand. Just a touch to the shoulder…so that if one’s attention is absorbed with one’s own direction or the demands of other sources, such as the world can present, then one misses that light touch. There is no pain, just a lost moment. But the question again arises, what has meaning in this moment? And unless it is a desire for one’s life to realize one’s sense of purpose, to rise up as they say, from the chaos of searching for meaning through the work of one’s hands, then moments come and moments go, until a cycle is completed.

Neftali originally wrote using his given name, though through the opposition that he seemingly faced from his father, he changed his name to Pablo Neruda.  Pablo chose to listen to that light touch on his shoulder. He heard something other than what was exactly in front of him. There was his father, his step-mother, his step-brother and step-sister, his school, his playing…all the things that lead us to believe that this is all there is. Then the soft tap on the shoulder…go write this. Really? His father did not believe he should be writing; no one knows but probably his step-mother did not care one way or the other. Mayhaps she played a larger role than we know. Yet who showed up to help him was a woman from a girls school. Another writer. Did Pablo know there was another writer in his town? Did he write because she encouraged him to write, or did he write and was encouraged to write because of the example of another writer and one that encouraged him to write? The subtle distinction is the subtleness of that which moves one along the sojourn of openings and soft shoulder tapping. What we know is that Pablo chose to write. From his heart. The questions and passions of life that moved within him.

“Now, on the road to freedom, I was pausing for a moment near Temuco and could hear the voice of the water that had taught me to sing.” Pablo Neruda

And through his passion to translate these words, he attempted to move into the world. And the world laughed at him. Why was that? Was he not being true to himself? Did not the world see that Pablo Neruda was who he was? How fun!

The world the way it is at this time seems to have a need for workers. Those willing to do what is necessary to carry on a tradition of living but not living, a world of demands, a world of self concerns. Why? Because there is a lack in the world that needs filling! And it is looking to you and to me to fill that need! One does not expect a fanfare of delicious return of response if one is reaching in directions that open the way to true joy and pleasure upon the Earth! Ha!

So those are big words…yet the truth was that Pablo was accepted into the world with his beautiful words; words that struck the hearts of men and of women, and even though he was acknowledged, even internationally known, the world was not willing to buy his heart sung works. He struggled to make ends meet.

The voice. The voice that whispers softly…is it your imagination or is it for real? Do you know the path that you will uncover if you listen and move to the soft shoulder tapping?

Pablo Neruda: Ode to the Onion

A Beautiful Skin: the Onion

Pablo was hungry. Hungry to explore this translation of words that was coming to him, more so than the world had the power to overcome: not physically, not financially, and not spiritually. So the world eventually gave up! As it will. Because the world is awash with chaos. And those who have moved through the stickiness of world patterns to explore beyond the reasons of greed, fear and imagination, come to realize that the dreams that they were having were in fact real, though it needs must be revealed in its own way and time. A soft shoulder tap…

The question is, for each one of us, do we have the tenacity of hearing through the confusion, the mist and the cacophony of the world, to be still inside, and move to the soft shoulder tapping? Only you can answer that challenge. It is not a group calling. And the world will vie for your attention.

We can recognize that this was the challenge that Pablo faced also. Day by day, to remain focused on his poems, the words that were being given to be translated, and to begin to hear the opportunities that were manifesting because he was willing to remain centered in the core meaning of his life. Through a maelstrom of world situations and patterns that he worked with, moving with the direction of the soft shoulder tapping. The reality of his life, not the imagination…a place that brings one to realization that one is not the center of the universe, nor can one be absorbed in self-concerns.

As Pablo Neruda moved along, step by step, the recognition of his works were sensed and finally rewarded by the world methods, financially. His outer life began to show evidence of the ever present quality that he held to on the inside. A beautiful partner came to assist him, and he to assist her. A home with plenty of goods and food. A home on Earth. How right.

Ode To The Onion by Pablo Neruda
luminous flask,
your beauty formed
petal by petal,
crystal scales expanded you
and in the secrecy of the dark earth
your belly grew round with dew.
Under the earth
the miracle
and when your clumsy
green stem appeared,
and your leaves were born
like swords
in the garden,
the earth heaped up her power
showing your naked transparency,
and as the remote sea
in lifting the breasts of Aphrodite
duplicating the magnolia,
so did the earth
make you,
clear as a planet
and destined
to shine,
constant constellation,
round rose of water,
the table
of the poor.

You make us cry without hurting us.
I have praised everything that exists,
but to me, onion, you are
more beautiful than a bird
of dazzling feathers,
heavenly globe, platinum goblet,
unmoving dance
of the snowy anemone

and the fragrance of the earth lives
in your crystalline nature.

Stay tuned as we begin to explore, delving into the science of living! Who would know what we might uncover.  But to ask the questions is a nice start!


Rembrant: A Time to Refine

The word refinement sometimes has a sense of something stuffy, chilly, or too delicate to touch, and yet in the world of design, refinement relates to that part of designing that brings things to a point of moving towards a better understanding and completing a clearer picture.
In a design process, it is the act of taking a sketch or an outline of an idea and refining it to bring it to a different level of completeness and quality by allowing the parts that were nebulous to be clarified. This act of refining is an interesting point for as we know there are many ways that “things” can be filled in! As had been said, “How creative do we want to get?”
Rembrant Van Rijn 1633

Christ in the Storm. Rembrant 1633

Yet even as Michelangelo seemingly alluded to by his thoughts of “allowing the form within to come out” (“I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free” Michelangelo )( see my earlier blog on Michelangelo), there would seem to be a pattern of fulfillment in design that comes by means without the struggle and without the fighting, almost as if it just begins to appear!
Many times we think that this place of non-struggle is a place that one gets to when one has been filled with all the knowledge of the masters and teachers, and that being filled, now one can create with the ease of say, Rembrandt!
Rembrandt Vin Rijn was born in 1606 at a time in history known as the Renaissance Era,  a point of the beginning awakening of certain ones from a darker period of time, that also included such prior masters of design and creative endeavors as Leonardo Da Vinci and Michelangelo.
Rembrant Van Rijn 1633

Rembrant Self Portrait. 1633

Rembrandt it is told was 14 years of age by the time he started studying art and painting, moving into apprenticeships with the teachers of his era. By the time he was in his early twenties he had surpassed his teachers in his ability and skill with the deftness of his touches to the canvas, and actually began accepting students to teach.
Was this just another anomaly of talent that far outweighed his teachers in the Netherlands? Was this one that, like the Great Ones before him, had been blessed by the Gods to excel before the throne of the accomplishments of mankind? Was he, as is sometimes stated, a self-made man?
Or perhaps as it might have been, that Rembrandt was given by his teachers and the ones before him, a sense of an outline, a sketch of a design, from which he chose to allow the refinement of a greater design to fill in the space!
If that was the case, then it would have taken a choice on his part and an effort to execute…not in a struggling kind of way, but mayhaps in way of seeing and hearing something that was not commonly known, but given to him to interpret individually. That something is always challenged by the world standards as we each of us has experienced in our own lives. We may never know for sure if that is what he heard, yet nature has a way of giving and receiving that comes from the core of things, and for each individual that would mean something personal and different, though always in relation to a part of a greater design. A little too wild?  Hmmm.
Rembrandt’s life was filled with challenges that were pretty large as compared to most. Three of his 4 children died in infancy, and soon after his wife died.  After a time he finally married again, only to lose his second wife to an early death, and still later, his son who passed away before him. By the end of his life, he had filed for bankruptcy and had lost most all of his material wealth. He died by 1669 at the age of 63.
Rembrandt is known to have been a prodigious painter and artist. Of the 2300 works that are assigned to his hands at this point, 600 are paintings, 300 are etchings, and 1400 are drawings. He also taught other artists all his life.
Rembrant Van Rijn 1639


This was seemingly a man who moved with a larger sense of purpose than what the world wanted to give to him. He allowed his life to be filled in, not by the world’s standards, but in a way of hearing and seeing his talents reach their own level of fulfillment, in a sense, allowing that space to be refined from within, clearly bringing his sense of purpose closer to the reality of his capacity to create.
Obviously each one of us were given a certain range of talents and capacity to create…if we listen to the world’s perspective, it would relegate one to the gallows of just earn the money and get on with it. Yet if we were to subscribe to the thought, nay the opening that each of us have the same opportunity as Rembrant, and that is to allow our lives to be filled in from the inside out, then the realization is that we have been living lives that are sketches waiting to be filled in! Let’s not wait too long!
If we begin to hear and see that each of us have that same opportunity, then is there some way that we can we begin to recognize the sketches of our own lives and times? How could we begin to allow the fulfillment of our own levels of accomplishment, not by what the world thinks we need to do, but by allowing the same essence of Nature that the Great Ones did, from the very Source of our core?
Rembrant Van Rijn 1659

Moses: Rembrant 1659

Wouldn’t that be the point of what we are here to do?
Your comments are appreciated! Stay tuned!

The Night of the Warrior

Painting by Barnett Newman

Barnett Newman “Adan” 1952

Silent night. A deep and luxurious quiet, surrounding one with an opportunity to appreciate being alive, moving with the understanding that there are no guarantees about tomorrow or even the next moment, only about enjoying that which has meaning while one is still breathing. The warrior sits still, allowing for the darkness of the deep to penetrate his bones, his heart, while his mind is quieted, steadied by the rhythmic pulsation of his core. Listening. Aware and alert to his surroundings without concern about them.

“Be here” sounded a feint voice from within… and he refocused his attention realizing that the same voice he heard within also sounded from without, not like an echo, but more unto the understanding that it was both inside and out. Simply complete without question.

It did not disturb him that there was a voice, in fact, it was this same voice that he knew was giving him the guidance, the inspiration, and the encouragement to meet those factors that were in front of him. He waited, letting go of the baubles of concern that arose within him, breathing into the air, letting any doubt of his capabilities and talents to dissipate allowing his heart to be stilled into this exact moment. He arose. His body was alive with the richness of connection to the atmosphere from the core of his heart outward, his mind attentive almost unconsciously to the inputs of his senses: the smell, the taste, the sounds, the sights, the touch of his feet on the ground; he was receiving a rich array of inputs yet he had no judgement about any of it. Just the awareness and the focus on the atmosphere surrounding it all.

Painting by Barnett Newman 1949

Barnett Newman “Concord” 1949

In this place, he knew that to dwell in the past, would not allow him the sensitivity of response to the changing atmospheric conditions of right here and now, thus the words “be here” were in fact the command that he chose to follow. To be in the future, was certainly foolish in the way that the present was working out beyond his knowing of what it could and would bring, so that though he pondered what might be, he did not give any weight as to how things might manifest, for it was not his realm to make the future fit his idea of things. What was to be, would be perfect and in balance, harmonious with the Truth of Life. Anything else he knew, surrounded around his ideas and concepts about reality and therefore not important in his meditations or his being upon the Earth.

His experience told him, to let go, to let go of anything that held him to some limited concept about himself and the world about him. His life was not personal in that way. Interestingly it was when he began to understand this small seed of Light that the Voice also began to be heard more clearly.  Encouraging him to continue. Inspiring him in creative new ways to approach what he thought only to be ritualistic and dogmatic. And in this way, his perspective on what had True Value began to grow in his heart. For he realized that though he was responsible for his being, here, the joy and pleasure of being, and achieving had rewards far beyond what he could conceive in his own imagination.  In this way, to let go, meant that he was to let the struggle, the fighting, the anger of the world to move out of his heart, step by step, and to focus on the Truth of Life: The Source from which emanated that which was real and right and true. The essence of allowing these specific stanchions that had begun to grow of Truth in one’s heart, allowed for the start of many new things to grow out from there, even unto the beginning of a clear start; something so True that all things could be subsumed under it, that grow from it, or that are moved out of the heart by it.

North Carolina Mountains

photo by author

It was of course only a beginning point of understanding. A Causative Truth in lieu of a reactive response to the world. This was not a quest as he understood it from before, but a fire that resided deep in the heart of his heart, that called his name. To hear what it said to him as he moved about the world was in fact the True Quest and the Passion through which he was willing to give his whole life to.

The Nature of this Rich and Still Place moved from a state of constant Creative Activity in Darkness into a place of Morning Light, allowing for the newness of the crisp rising Dawn to be discovered and experienced moment to moment with the intoxication of Clarity.

The time of judgements of what would be good and what would be bad, was moving out of his heart, leaving the beginning of a realization of the actuality of Reality. It was to begin to set him free within himself and also all that was outside of himself. It was no longer him against them, no longer the fight. But the cognition of the Reality as to what was meant by “us”. Not the expression of outer forms. Not the trying to be in agreement with others. But that part of him, which recognized the core within himself also began to recognize that core of each one he met and interacted with, beyond the words spoken with the lips, to that which resided behind the walls built to protect oneself in imagination. The Truth of the core of oneself and of others.

How freeing to move thusly. These new tools that he was being given, were much greater than his understanding to use them, though as he practiced with them, learning how to wield the power that was innately within them, they were becoming not as an extension like unto a piece of metal in the hand, but that which began to move out directly from his heart. No longer something apart from him to pick up, but something that moved from within and manifested outwardly.

Thus the night’s meditation culminated as the morning sun began to rise. A new beginning. A new dawn. A new day. This moment. He breathed deeply and luxuriously, appreciating the essence of life. The morning mists were rising and revealed a battle field that was strewn with the dead forms of many valiant warriors, yet the dead can not speak, nor move. It was time.

He laid down his weapons, removed his armor and all that no longer made any sense to carry forth, in realization that all True Power, Wisdom and True Grace were elements that emanated from within and had no need of weapons as such. From within the Space of the stillness of his heart, the Voice sounded from within again, “Journey to the East”. His heart pounded in response and smiling unconsciously, he harkened toward the Dawning Light.