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The Invisible Building of Frank Lloyd Wright

Frank Lloyd Wright circa 1895. 28 years old

Frank Lloyd Wright was actually born as Frank Lincoln Wright on June 8, 1867 (d 1959). About this time in history, the Arts and Crafts Movement (1834-1896) in England had been initiated by John Ruskin’s ( 1819-2000) writings and also by the efforts of William Morris (1834-1896), also while America was still licking the wounds from a civil war (1861-1865). Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803-1882) was given to his writings and speeches on an international level.

Frank Lloyd Wright, for all the capabilities and talents that he was given, could not produce what he produced in any other period of time! It was a specific time period and he was apparently listening from a place that allowed him a larger perspective and viewpoint.  Ergo he was able to draw unique creative solutions for his architectural designs, ones that set him apart in such a way, as to initiate a trend for others to follow.

House Designed by Frank Lloyd Wright

House Designed by Frank Lloyd Wright in Oak Park, IL.

One question that comes to mind is that how does one think or hear on a larger perspective?  That sounds romantic and sexy!

It would seem that in the first place, one would have to be able to consider the fact that there was indeed a place of higher perspective, that could be accessed by one’s self.  Maybe even a place one’s true self is aware of, a place available to each one of us.  If we were to subscribe to that thought, then the practical approach might begin with a questioning attitude.  How can I get to know that place?

By what we have seen in the world, the idea of being in a higher place kind of brings images of someone apart, one who is maybe sitting somewhere on a mountain top for instance! Though obviously, what I am referring to and thinking about is that place inside of each one of us, that is quietly still and remains still in spite of what goes on around one.

Is it not that place of stillness that we can begin to relate to larger things?

Space is the breath of art.
Frank Lloyd Wright

The world has other plans.

It seems as though, as we come into the world, the right of passage to enter into the atmosphere of the place and time that we are born into, is almost like entering  through a.. grocery store. Hahaha! It is a grocery store that holds an unbelievable amount of variations of limitations that we can chose from!  So we are given a shopping cart (pushed in front of us!) and away we go, loading this limitation ( I like the sound of it…) and that one (how cute!), and of course, some of those limitations are presented to us from those special ones that we call our parents and significant people in our lives. With all the best wishes for these ones, they have been working with their limitations and are willing, generally on a subconscious basis to help us agree to take them onto our lives.  To this we add our own choices of wonderously interesting limitations and whalaa! How great is this! Now we can go into the world, pushing our shopping carts full of stuff to see who will agree to our great and beautiful choices in limitations that we just bought and who will be willing to share them. Do we see anything here that might be different?

Falling Waters by Frank Lloyd Wright 1935

To listen then and act on a larger perspective might actually begin with a realization of the fact that these limitations of which we are so fond of are actually in a cart that we are pushing along and not who we are!  Letting go of the shopping cart of concepts and ideas that are limiting in Nature that we have acquired might allow us the space to begin again, just without the shopping cart.  Do you believe that is possible? Do you think the world will agree with you?  Hahaha!

Life always rides in strength to victory, not through internationalism… but only through the direct responsibility of the individual.
Frank Lloyd Wright

Pushing a shopping cart is a choice. There is almost no limitation that we have chosen to hold onto that is actually a real limitation! It was just accepted as a gift and by the way, something that we can let go of. Nice.  Actually by the same method that we share our cherished limitations, that is by thought, word and deed, we can also share unlimited attitudes by the agreement of not subscribing to limitations of thoughts, words or deeds.  Just listen to the world. It becomes so obvious as we move to allow something different in our lives. The thing here is not to become fixated on what are the limitations but actually what is not limiting, and to let go to what is true, about your true self, and about others! Even those close-in.

At the Guggenheim Museum

The heart is the chief feature of a functioning mind.
Frank Lloyd Wright

Frank Lloyd Wright was nurtured from the point that he initially came into his mother’s womb, not just with the caring of a mother with child, but also with the idea of him becoming a great architect. She was so instilled with the idea that this one would accomplish on greater levels, that she bought him building blocks as soon as he was able to play as a child.  She also managed to home-school Frank, using Fredrich Froebel’s ideas on children and learning, a teacher whose ideas that were as unlimiting as could be expected at that time in the consciousness of the body of man on Earth. This heartfelt idea of hers, that he would be a great architect was the well of water from which her son grew up with on a daily basis.

Well, we can see that there was a certain amount of expectation that he would naturally be available to hear and likewise perform on a different level, and that expectation was surrounded by the caring of someone close-in. In this case it was his mother, but more importantly was the sense that there was a level of agreement and pressure for the accomplishment of this goal.  Did I just say a “P” word? How much do we appreciate pressure in our lives? Or do we steer away from it when we feel it?  Ask any mother about the pressure of birthing something beautiful and real.

Taliesin West. Wright’s former home

Isn’t that the essence of pressure? It either brings us closer to something or moves us away depending on our response to the situation. The pressure of his mother’s vision moved into agreement with Frank, and that pressure was translated into the field of architecture bringing the fruits thereof.  Though as all things change, the time came for the need to let go of her son, as he became involved in his new relationships, and by what we know of history, she was seemingly unable to do so.  Her presence persisted through his own relationship with his wife Catherine, and his second wife, Mamah.  Though it was his second wife that physically helped his mother to make a transition, for her and all concerned.

The thing always happens that you really believe in; and the belief in a thing makes it happen.
Frank Lloyd Wright

Circa 1940’s: Olgivanna (40’s) and Wright (70’s)

Frank Lloyd Wright left us a lot to think about in the architecture of one’s life, and our purpose on Earth.  Lessons that we know are to continue from moment to moment. How fun!

Stay tuned. I would enjoy your comments and thoughts!


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