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At the Crossroads

Highway 61 and 49 Crossroads

At the Crossroads…

Dear Senator and House Representative,

Thank you for your willingness to be in a place of representation of a people in the United States, a challenging place to be at this time, as there is a growing atmosphere within the government that is not supportive of the one’s who are actually clothing and feeding it.

It is pretty amazing how the essence of Privilege and Responsibility get switched around when things seem to be working one’s way. It becomes a place of complacency and entitlement in lieu of the moving Energy towards Givingness and True Self-less Service.

It occurs to me that the Founding Fathers were in a place of utmost Selfless Service to their countrymen when they wrote the Foundational paper and many have attempted to discover new translations that would amend this organic piece of work, though it would seem that without first being in a place of attending to the attitude of Selfless Service, there is no way to amend and bring an organic solution to a paper that was created for the Purposes of Creative Expansion.

I think that many people realize that our government has grown exceedingly large though of itself this does not seem to be a central issue. The apparent issue as you realize and why people tend to be disconnected from the processes is that it is no longer able to respond to the True needs of the people. Why is this?

Perhaps what the Founding Father’s vision was that the minutiae of the details of living life were to be left open to the people and not for the government to attempt to amend to their whims.

Just as an example, I am pretty sure that George Washington would have had no idea that the government would have any concern or need to participate in the discussion of whether or not one is for or against birthing rights. So that the Vision was more of an open means for the needs of organizing a central place to provide a system of connecting people in such a way that a single entity might be provided for the world to interact with. This would unite the states into a powerful world face as the people would have a central voice to speak to the other nations of the world.

What I am attempting to relate is not a quasi-rumination of basic history but more of an attempt to rediscover the originating depth of connection as to why we became united states located in this land we call America.

The point is, is that if we can come to a point of Truth about our True Foundation, then it would probably be more clear as to a direction to head out from. Kind of like finding the North Star or in practical matters, realizing how we can be of service to one another without having to control everything around us to make sure things go our way.

It would seem that a flaw of the Constitution of the United States is that it has no means of letting go of the works that no longer make sense. Law-makers have added into the Agreement for these many years, to no avail, because the land is now more full of laws than ever before and there are many law-less people who now fill that space that was designed as a Free Space on Earth.

More government assistance normally translates (at the user end) to a well meaning interference with some very natural and organic processes of living. Would that we could look at the opportunity and the willingness of cleaning house first so that we could see more clearly what will be needed in the next period.

It would take a measure of Patience and Relaxing into what has been bogging down our government and taxing so hard a people who are willing to be taxed. And we are willing to be taxed. And have been. Just that the responsibility for keeping a clean house has not been attended to since the inception of this wonderful organic paper we call the constitution.

And of course as we know, there is currently a state of pressing taxation that is without precedence and is without representation.

Maybe there should be a law stating nothing new happens in the government without something being let go of first?

My sense is that like any organic thing in Nature there needs to be a way of letting go of those things that are no longer of current value so that the effort of carrying those things can be shifted to what is needed at this time. It is a simple arrangement of utilizing what energy or resources are at hand for either movement forward or attempting to sustain that which is not working at this time. The government as we all realize is bloated from it’s concern to continue to hold onto processes that may have worked great at one time but is now just taking resources to maintain and removing the ability of its efforts to be able to respond to what is currently in Season now.

I realize that those words are easily said, and probably just as easy understood, though as always the implication is that there is a need to resolve these issues through practical application.

How can we attend to what is needed and at the same time allow for a means of letting things go of that which is not?

We see this great process of renewal take place continually in Nature right before us, but as man sees his structures, they must be rigid and unyielding in order to work. Our government has no real means of letting things go, so that it only continues to grow larger.

The question is: If we do not attend to letting things go that are not useful, how can that be sustainable?


Thank you for your time, your effort and your patience and understanding to commit to a clearer and open place in which to live and to breathe in freedom from oppression. Let us all make a stand.



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