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The Sense of Home

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One day on a trip my beautiful partner and I had an opportunity to stay at a cabin…in fact the way one normally thinks about these places is that they are somewhat rustic in appearance, nominal in amenities and a bit rough around the edges.

I hesitate to say that this was any different on the outside appearance of things, with the simple siding, porches that were in need of some refreshing, and in the interior, the homemade cabinets and the open closet space with curtain material was seemingly pedantic enough.

All in all, one did not see the evidence of a big difference from a rustic looking cabin and this rustic looking cabin.

Maybe it is that on the outside, a lot of things look the same, a field of flowers, snowflakes, a group of houses, sometimes even several people from a distance. But as one gets closer, there begins to unfold the specific differences.

And sometimes it takes a moment for the light to hit something so that we can make out what it is. Sometimes if we don’t see the specific light of something we begin to think it might be something that it is not.

How beautiful that nature produces such a variance of design, that each snowflake, each flower, each person is individualistic and in fact has not been replicated at any point in time!  With 6 billion people on the planet and all the ones who came before us, how can that be?  Why would that be?

This cabin had a sense of being in the right place with elements that both looked outward toward a beautiful peaceful river, a luscious forest of trees, and a sunset filled western sky, and inward through a wall of windows from the West to the East toward the living and kitchen areas, comfortably appointed with elements touched with the patina of caring moments.

One senses that the balance that one feels from this house, looking outward and inward would be that sense of balance that one would look for one’s own life… to reflect on those elements that come to us, and rather than just responding, allowing that which is of light to penetrate our hearts and minds before we make a response.

Hmmm. That would be a different approach to the world as it is today!

What feeling is it that might be emanating from our core in this moment? What elements are we receiving back from the world? Does it make a difference what we are emanating from our center and how we receive the response from the world?

Is it the input that adjusts our path?

We cannot know who we are except by the people that we interact with, though many have tried to do just the inward looking or the outward looking. Beautiful steps either direction, though as we know it takes looking with inner eyes and outer ears, to both hear and see those things that connect us to the whole.

When is the right time to feel at home, in our home, and to be able to share that feeling and sense of home with all about us?

Question is, when do we think is the right time to start?


The Reality of Imagination

Goat in Greece

Goat in Greece

Ah, the beauty of imagination.

Some of us we say are blessed with much imagination.

Imagination is a gift we say…a way of creating a world to escape into or away from, a tool for improving a product or creating a new one. Something to be desired as with it one can become rich and famous in the world! Just mention the name Steve Jobs and who would not believe that imagination played a large part of his success in the world.

It seems that Steve harnessed the power of the world with the reins of his imagination. How seductive the thought of how to use the power! The world would be very appreciative of your efforts!


One might ask the question, what is the Gift of Imagination really for? How is it that man, male and female, have this capability?

So how does one get this imagination? Is one born with it? Is it given only to a certain few privileged and select ones like some kind of special precious stone or talisman that has an inner shine when one receives and holds it in one’s hands?

To whatever degree that we wonder about these things we can be assured that we each of us have been given a piece of this precious stone, the one that shines inwardly as well as outwardly. A Shaman’s token, this element.

How sweet the privilege of this gift and how few of us realize it’s potential in our lives!


The Reality of Imagination is that it reveals a doorway to the Realization of the Truth of Reality.

The world would say different. The world would say that imagination is just in one’s mind, and by utilizing the desire in one’s heart, it can applied to make money and build things. While this seems to work on the basis of creating and obtaining things in the world, it falls short of realizing a True understanding of the Pleasure and Joy of the Reality of being on Earth! Though some would say it is these things that bring me pleasure and joy, it is a fact that much of the True Pleasure and Joy is left on the table of Life unused and overlooked.

Not that there is anything wrong with obtaining things and enjoying their use, but what I am pointing to is the fact that the current use of imagination may be underutilized in one’s experience or directed in ways that are seemingly divisive. Using one’s desire to obtain things is not unheard of in today’s world. Ha!

Imagination however, if given an opportunity to be used in a forward looking, whole and holistic approach to our lives has the ability to transform what certainly appears in front of one to be just certain basic and ordinary forms and styles of living, into Symbols of the True Representation of the Nature of Nature. The Creative Beauty and Gracefulness that is Present Here and Now.


Meaning that the Effervescence of Life, that we each one of us are looking for in Truth, that which might possibly be termed “Heaven on Earth”, is that which connects us with and lies inside the forms themselves. It is the Truth of the Reality of the Nature of Life. This simple and seemingly pedantic use of Imagination can be a Gift of Realization for what surrounds us, bringing a sense of Understanding about the world and the Earth. Purpose needs a Creative Atmosphere to be Understood and acted upon.

If it is a concern of one, not just to surround oneself with baubles and things to entertain oneself for the duration of one’s time on Earth but to move out of the doldrums of the stagnant and still air that seemingly surrounds the world and its patterns as it appears today, then there must be something to assist one to connect in the right direction, to move out of the area that one got into, for something new, creative, different, exciting and innovative. Life and living is all of that. All of the time. There is a reason why it is called Creative Living.

Imagination allows us to use our senses in Real Time to recognize that which is new and different about each moment one is present on Earth. It is a gift of unbelieveable proportions.

And it is available right now to anyone who would subscribe to allowing it to be used and developed from within for the Right Intentions.

How would it be to experience the Essence of Joy, without a sword in one’s hand nor a book of concepts in the other?

In essence without the divisiveness of the world. Can that be possible? Is it possible to experience Joy and Pleasure without attempting to utilize the sense of it to obtain things just for ourselves? Or to conquer those around us with it?

The Richness of the use of Imagination in our living, is what allows Life to be seen, heard and felt in Real Time, in ways that no other sense can do by itself. Imagination connects one to Nature, in a way that works in a larger sense and far greater way than one has been lead to believe to use it.

If there were to be Real Life Changes in your world, in my world, Imagination is a key to these changes, for coupled with the Richness of the Core of one’s heart, that is that Clear Space Untouched by the world, one begins to know and to experience that for which we are here for.

A Joy and a Pleasure. So simple. Without struggle, climbing or trying. What could be more seductive or alluring than that?


It is that which allows us and those about us to experience that which is whole and wholesome and True. That is the Reality, and not a figment of the imagination of the mind.

It would seem that The Reality of Imagination in a True sense is that which has the capability of being a gateway to that next Level of Experiencing Life and Living. A three, nay, a four dimensional Life.

Steve Jobs understood and believed in the Power of Imagination to the point of how to use it in the world, and how beautiful it is that his return of the use of this Gift provided him with things around him in a large way. How large of a world do we live in?

Yet imagination cannot be owned, nor copyrighted, nor bought or sold. The Realization is that if applied in our lives for the Purpose of Enriching our experience and those about us, without attempting to be divisive nor wielding a sword on a white horse, that the Return of the Caring for this Gift of Creative Capacity that we call imagination, will change our world and those about us, easily and effectively, and as surely as the Return that happened in Steve’s experience while on Earth.


Nature is Abundant. There are no limitations on Nature’s ability to Create. We all know this from a point of experiencing all the variations of life forms on this planet much less the Universe! It is Vibrant, Effervescent, Innovative and Creative beyond our ability to fully Understand, and even so, Nature is not capricious, it will bring Life to those who would entertain it.


What Remains

maple shavings

maple shavings

Planing wood curls

Air thick with thoughtful Breath

Clouds in Sky

The Pie And the Tree.

Ahhh, how nice! …A Slice of Pie? And I do not own the copyrights to this photo. (http://scienceblogs.com/startswithabang/files/2010/03/Pie-Straw.jpeg)

The other day I was listening to someone speak about their experience of a moment in time with another one. It was an experience that rendered a feeling of contest for the both of them unfortunately without either one meaning to, a sense of striving, and in the end of that moment, what could be born out of the experience was something flat and distorted.

Just part of living in the world you might say.

It brought to mind the analogy of the proverbial pie. Of course, there is only so much of it right?. Don’t waste it, share only with those who are worthy, and most of all protect your pie for yourself while looking for opportunities to eat another’s pie. Of course that is an absurd way of looking at a heart rending experience of sharing with another one and the truth is I empathize (as opposed to sympathize) with each one whose experience is relegated to such a point.

On the other hand, is this our experience of living? Because it is this experience and moments like this experience of living that make the experience of living! Does that make sense? How else can it be?

Well, we could say that someone was not really having a good day, or that the weather had been cloudy, or that from a prior moment, something had just happened that did not lift the person up, so in any case, here were two people coming together for a moment and sharing, what?

And as it has been said, to what end?

https://i2.wp.com/www.ciudaddegijon.org/fotos/pies.jpg. I do not own the copyrights to this photo.

Are we connected to each the other by Form or by the Actuality of Space?

We talk, and others have talked, about being present in the now, but really what does that mean? When we are present in a moment alone, are we present? Well you might say of course I am present! Well yes and no.
And mostly that is the picture for many people is it not? The form is present, but the mind and heart are very busy with things of the past or those things of the future. It would seem that in part it might be so that we might not be called lazy or unproductive or a myriad of other ideas and concepts that keep us from being relaxed and focused in this time and place.

Yet in a state where the mind is actively engaged in solving the equations of the an underrated heart, so that one is steeped in the concepts of the world, we are anything but present. We have only to look and wonder at the peaceful sensation of a baby to know that presence is something that is inherent to each one of us.

Scientifically we know that we are made up of atoms, and that atoms have space. Actually more space than form and if we were able to gather the form verses the space in our bodies we would have to come to the conclusion that we were 99 percent space!

That is a pretty big number!

So we might imagine what is filling that space? And if we are 99 percent space, what is the purpose of that Space? It has a function right? Everything in Nature has a function and Purpose. Does this space relate to anything around us? That might be a good question!

Photo from author's collection.

Photo from author’s collection.

If we begin to sense that there is something more in this Space than just emptiness, that is truly contained in each of our bodies, and that we each one have and are a part of, then what is it we share when we meet another one? If we subscribe to this Reality of thought, and to our gift of our ability to create, we have found that we have the capacity to fill that Space with…you guessed it! Thoughts, concepts, ideas, past mistakes, past undoings, past areas of unfulfillment, past areas of fulfillment! And finally when we meet up with another one, what we eventually share is the Space between us! Hahaha!

Welcome to the world as it is today!

As babies, we noted, the Essence of Presence is beautiful and quite apparent, though, if you were to be analytic you might say the mind at that point is quite open and in a learning state. How does that change when we add in a few experiences from the world?

Interestingly, quite suddenly before our very own eyes, we can often see and feel a vibrational change in the way one processes the experience of living. This is good, this is not good. I like this, I do not like that. Kind of constantly processing our time and place with concepts and ideas about who we are and our place in the world, based on what we are given to enjoy or not, and we begin to discern what gifts the world has for us and how we can best take advantage of that.

Sounds almost logical in one way.

On the other hand, the world sees things in a somewhat straight line: A+B=C. Math, Science, Language. Not saying that this is bad or good, just the main focus of the world the way it is at this time. Yet what we all know about Nature is that nothing comes in a straight line, not even just three dimensional. It goes way beyond that. Simply said we all know that it has no limitation that we can be aware of. It is beyond and above us and includes the Whole Universe.


What if we Analyzed by What Connects Us?

Are we not a part of Nature? A part of the Universe? Not the focus of the Universe, but a part of the Whole of Creation. Not bad, eh? Just that sometimes we believe that we are the focus of the Universe and that the Earth is the only planet and All Things focus on me! Nice! For me. Is that real?

The pie and the Tree. The pie is defined by it’s luxurious, sweet essence, that satisfies one’s senses. A wonderful creation of man’s doing. It fills the belly. Yeah! Yet the Tree has no limitation on its ability to produce fruit from which one can make a pie. A question to ask might be how do we identify ourselves in the world? By what size a slice of the pie the world is willing to give us or we can take from it? Or do we identify with being more of a Source of Food?

Are we thinking about what we might allow of our own creative abilities and talents to bring to the table to make the pies so to speak? Where is the strife in that with others? Or would it bring further and greater possibilities to each one of us to grow? Never mind that another one is not thinking in this way! It matters not in one sense. If we can see the possibility of Change and New Creative Activity, that is enough for us.


More than a Slice.


Can we see a difference in attitude? And how valuable a difference in the way each one of us can utilize our capacities and talents and bring to the Table of Realization of Change something Real to Share?

An attitude of an Atmosphere of Abundance. Just because. It is the Reality.


It would be good to hear your comments! Until next time, then!

A Hill of Beans

So here we are, as someone said not too long ago, “like ants on a patio…”.

It was not a derogative remark, but an observation from the standpoint of the value of the level of consciousness that we are generally aware of. From the perspective of the Truth of Things, we know that we are working here so far below from what is available to us in terms of potential that we might as well be just part of the animal kingdom, doing what we physically can do for as long as we can, and then, leave the planet for something else, depending on what one believes or thinks is the Truth.

Principle. Purpose. Design. Integrity. Discipline. Action

Words that seemingly have so many shades of meaning and interpretation that one has only to look in any direction and one can find “the Path”, as defined by someone who, understood something and wrote it down or stood on a soap box and proclaimed himself or herself a prophet or seer. Has anything one has read or listened to really made a difference in your life? If so, to what degree? Is it religion that we need? Is it the practicality of just working hard? Or harder? If knowledge was the answer, would not all the scholars in all the grand institutes be walking on water, moving the planet in directions of great accomplishments and harmony?

Something is missing. And many are walking around feeling like strangers in a strange land. Where is this place they call home? Is it in the agreement of a mate? Of building some kind of structure on the face of the earth and anointing it with our approval and procreative activities?

Search lo here and lo there. Very few have found the well, the fountain. Yet the illusive fountain is said to be here. They said it was in Florida at one time, and all the people made a trek to that part of the world only to find that the mosquitoes were quite voracious. Ahhh. Not there.

Nicho and Dad-1

They thought the land of the Ancients held the Truths so some sojourned there even on bended knees and bare feet to find it. Alas. Cuts, bruises, and pain brought some kind of relief from the imagined suffering into the realm of real suffering, yet that goes away too, then there is the emptiness left. So they started to dig up the land of the Ancients to see if it was buried!

The Path. The Luminous Path. The Yellow Brick Road. So talked about and so nebulous. It might well be found in the Land of Oz.  Many have attempted that path also.

How fun and funny! But do not laugh at any one.  The funniest is oneself.

Ants. On the patio. Well, for that matter, even ants have power well beyond their size. What is it? Something in the range of being capable of picking up things 10 times their size…it is written down somewhere, right now the exactness of how much beyond their size they can pick up is not really important. It is that they were given the ability to complete tasks that were seemingly beyond what we humans think we could do if we were given the same tasks. The most that we can do it would seem is to imitate the ants, or something else that we fancy, because whatever they are doing seems to work for them!

Hahaha! Is not that not the crux of the issue? To look outside of oneself and imitate, even something that really makes sense, what we see or hear? What was that which was said about the Lemmings? No, we have different capacities and talents than Lemmings. Instead of going off cliffs together, looking for a leader, there is actually that which is inside of one, who would lead, could lead, if only we could find that one…

So again. We are left with the wondering…that is if one has a desire to discover more about what we are doing in this part of the Universe!  How am I to reach this Path and move ahead? Or some of us will say forget that imaginary trip and I will just go to work and build the brick house, and eat the rich food and live the life, empty or not. It will be my way and the rest be damned.

I think in some way this form of living can be likened unto the child play with dolls.  We seem to have a commonality with playing  with dolls or swords at a young age and pretending that we are princesses or princes and moving things around according to a plan we see emerge from our imagination.  As we begin to grow in maturity we find that it is not acceptable to continue to play with the dolls or swords in imagination, so we seemingly at some level keep that thought and move it to a new level of playing! Now we have larger things we can move around according to some plan we have emerging from our prodigious imagination, and if things work out and the world agrees with our view, then we are success-full! If not, well maybe there is another lifetime that can be had on the go-around, who knows? Life is a merry-go-round ride! Maybe we just picked the wrong horse to ride this time…

A hill of beans. Ever attempt to stack beans? Hahaha! They slide down on each the other, though if you have enough of them, they begin to look something like a hill. The trouble is, is that with a little pressure they fall back down again. Lots of effort, not much result. Sounds a bit like politics! Yet that is the place where the pinnacle of man’s thoughts for this country is supposed to reside. The “Capitol” of ideas and concepts.

They even call it Capitol Hill!

In any case, it is the shell of a life that is slippery. Not the truth of life. If you watered and cared for just a few of those beans, we all know, you would have more beans than you could eat. Amazing. The symbolism is limited in many ways, yet the truth is, life, real life, always manifests from a point that resides from within.

Yet our world culture is seemingly about how we are stacked one to another by identification of mostly money and the access of it, clothes, friends, and by what we do. Somehow between the cracks of the stacking we are to find the light that makes us real and valuable, and have a life worth living.  Some swear by the Light and struggle; others give up and just look to be content where they are stacked.

If any one of us were to let a bit of water past these interestingly exciting (and sexy!) shells, what do you think would happen?

I was talking to my son the other day, and he was at the time studying biology in a class. Science it seems, has come to the point of discovering that a cell is really functioning about 90 percent in the invisible range before it replicates another form. After this time of gestation, then of a sudden, it begins to split and form another cell. This is how our bodies are functioning in real time. How many billions of these beautiful cells do we have, forming new cells in each moment? At different levels and functions all working within one outward form, not fighting to do what they were designed to do, but working to create from the level of function that was given them to do. Interesting no?

Let the sun shine in...-1

Do we begin to see how we can develop prodigious imaginations? There is a lot of space in that 90 percent of function! But better than imagination is Reality! Imagination is limited by one’s own mind: the concepts and ideas about life, and that depending on many factors of family, geography, capacities and talents.

We move from small doll houses into larger more sophisticated houses that can now house us and entertain us, yet the concepts and ideas that we accept as true are basically limiting us to just the outer skin our lives and those around us.

A little water. Let go of the ruffles of life…of course they have ridges! Hahaha! What we would like to know more about is the 90% of function that is happening in each moment of our lives…that is the major functioning of our lives in fact!

Ever wonder why the ones that we think know the most about the truth of life, meditate? It is not the ritual that is important, not the form…more, it seems to be in the listening to that function of the invisible, that part of one that is totally functioning in the invisible that brings us into a closer contact with the Reality of the Unknown, the Mystery of Life. The actuality of our bodies. The actuality of our environment. The actuality of the atmosphere of our planet. Not in imagination.



Until next time. Would love to hear your comments! Let’s keep exploring the experience of being on Earth!

Inside the Cell   http://1.usa.gov/JLoQyB

9 yr old discussing the meaning of life and the universe… http://on.fb.me/Y1iCQu

Photo credits by author


The Night of the Warrior

Painting by Barnett Newman

Barnett Newman “Adan” 1952

Silent night. A deep and luxurious quiet, surrounding one with an opportunity to appreciate being alive, moving with the understanding that there are no guarantees about tomorrow or even the next moment, only about enjoying that which has meaning while one is still breathing. The warrior sits still, allowing for the darkness of the deep to penetrate his bones, his heart, while his mind is quieted, steadied by the rhythmic pulsation of his core. Listening. Aware and alert to his surroundings without concern about them.

“Be here” sounded a feint voice from within… and he refocused his attention realizing that the same voice he heard within also sounded from without, not like an echo, but more unto the understanding that it was both inside and out. Simply complete without question.

It did not disturb him that there was a voice, in fact, it was this same voice that he knew was giving him the guidance, the inspiration, and the encouragement to meet those factors that were in front of him. He waited, letting go of the baubles of concern that arose within him, breathing into the air, letting any doubt of his capabilities and talents to dissipate allowing his heart to be stilled into this exact moment. He arose. His body was alive with the richness of connection to the atmosphere from the core of his heart outward, his mind attentive almost unconsciously to the inputs of his senses: the smell, the taste, the sounds, the sights, the touch of his feet on the ground; he was receiving a rich array of inputs yet he had no judgement about any of it. Just the awareness and the focus on the atmosphere surrounding it all.

Painting by Barnett Newman 1949

Barnett Newman “Concord” 1949

In this place, he knew that to dwell in the past, would not allow him the sensitivity of response to the changing atmospheric conditions of right here and now, thus the words “be here” were in fact the command that he chose to follow. To be in the future, was certainly foolish in the way that the present was working out beyond his knowing of what it could and would bring, so that though he pondered what might be, he did not give any weight as to how things might manifest, for it was not his realm to make the future fit his idea of things. What was to be, would be perfect and in balance, harmonious with the Truth of Life. Anything else he knew, surrounded around his ideas and concepts about reality and therefore not important in his meditations or his being upon the Earth.

His experience told him, to let go, to let go of anything that held him to some limited concept about himself and the world about him. His life was not personal in that way. Interestingly it was when he began to understand this small seed of Light that the Voice also began to be heard more clearly.  Encouraging him to continue. Inspiring him in creative new ways to approach what he thought only to be ritualistic and dogmatic. And in this way, his perspective on what had True Value began to grow in his heart. For he realized that though he was responsible for his being, here, the joy and pleasure of being, and achieving had rewards far beyond what he could conceive in his own imagination.  In this way, to let go, meant that he was to let the struggle, the fighting, the anger of the world to move out of his heart, step by step, and to focus on the Truth of Life: The Source from which emanated that which was real and right and true. The essence of allowing these specific stanchions that had begun to grow of Truth in one’s heart, allowed for the start of many new things to grow out from there, even unto the beginning of a clear start; something so True that all things could be subsumed under it, that grow from it, or that are moved out of the heart by it.

North Carolina Mountains

photo by author

It was of course only a beginning point of understanding. A Causative Truth in lieu of a reactive response to the world. This was not a quest as he understood it from before, but a fire that resided deep in the heart of his heart, that called his name. To hear what it said to him as he moved about the world was in fact the True Quest and the Passion through which he was willing to give his whole life to.

The Nature of this Rich and Still Place moved from a state of constant Creative Activity in Darkness into a place of Morning Light, allowing for the newness of the crisp rising Dawn to be discovered and experienced moment to moment with the intoxication of Clarity.

The time of judgements of what would be good and what would be bad, was moving out of his heart, leaving the beginning of a realization of the actuality of Reality. It was to begin to set him free within himself and also all that was outside of himself. It was no longer him against them, no longer the fight. But the cognition of the Reality as to what was meant by “us”. Not the expression of outer forms. Not the trying to be in agreement with others. But that part of him, which recognized the core within himself also began to recognize that core of each one he met and interacted with, beyond the words spoken with the lips, to that which resided behind the walls built to protect oneself in imagination. The Truth of the core of oneself and of others.

How freeing to move thusly. These new tools that he was being given, were much greater than his understanding to use them, though as he practiced with them, learning how to wield the power that was innately within them, they were becoming not as an extension like unto a piece of metal in the hand, but that which began to move out directly from his heart. No longer something apart from him to pick up, but something that moved from within and manifested outwardly.

Thus the night’s meditation culminated as the morning sun began to rise. A new beginning. A new dawn. A new day. This moment. He breathed deeply and luxuriously, appreciating the essence of life. The morning mists were rising and revealed a battle field that was strewn with the dead forms of many valiant warriors, yet the dead can not speak, nor move. It was time.

He laid down his weapons, removed his armor and all that no longer made any sense to carry forth, in realization that all True Power, Wisdom and True Grace were elements that emanated from within and had no need of weapons as such. From within the Space of the stillness of his heart, the Voice sounded from within again, “Journey to the East”. His heart pounded in response and smiling unconsciously, he harkened toward the Dawning Light.


Political Revolution or Revolving Solution?

There was once a gathering of people, who worked during a time of great strife for the accomplishment of the Vision of a Goal. These people saw that there actually among them one person that embodied the willingness to stand in a place of Clarity and of Responsibility, to not only hear what most people were not willing to hear, but to act where most people turned away.

This was a time of dark clouds that covered the land and like most dark times, there were certain ones, who designated themselves as task masters, who thought that they were a privileged group, destined to hold others responsible for their level of comfort. And at first it did not seem like such an aberrance of spirit to the many, for there was always more to do on a day than what could actually be accomplished, so that having someone above them who also seemed to provide for them a certain order to things seemed reasonable enough.

As time moved on, the task masters, realizing that others were willing to let them have their way even if they mumbled, began a process of increasing their own treasures at more and more the expense of the others. It became very apparent that the efforts of the people were being directed to fulfill the lives of a few of the fortunate task masters.

By now the sentiment of the people were in one accord to get rid of the task masters and find a new way of living. A way of living that functioned for the benefit of all.

How many ways and how many times has this scenario played out in history? And to what end? Always to yet another task master, who knows that this time it will be to his or her benefit in lieu of being at the bottom. And the people seem to tend to respond to and believe the next task master, as this will be the one who will not allow the power and wealth to deter them from the responsibility of the others.

And yet, without the understanding of the Vision of the Goal, every one who is placed in a position of power and wealth, eventually is corrupted by the same elements of privilege and allows the responsibility of the many to go by the wayside.

There was this one man though, who did stand in a place of Clarity about the Understanding of the Goal. And as he was actually recognized by his peers, he was elevated and brought forward to represent the Reality of the Truth of what the people needed at that time.

So he was put into a place of Privilege because of his understanding of Responsibility, and this one, held to the specific Opportunity that was given unto him.  And of course, because of that, there were those who did not trust to him, even though they themselves helped to get him in that position.

He saw that there was a necessity for a change in direction for the many and as he stood in that place of concatenation, the agitation of discontent began to develop around him. Even among the chosen few that started in agreement with him and all those who perceived the beginning point that he represented.

Now, there were two especially close ones that assisted in the advising of council to the one, and it seems that these two were very dear to the one, each in their specific ways, and each because of the specificity of their understanding of the True Goal. The value of understanding that each person represents a certain individual relatedness to life and has his or her place under the sun, was at least one of the assets that endeared the chosen one to the people. It was this same asset that was underlying all that the one attempted to accomplish yet it was the very thing that separated him from the others, only because the willingness of the others did not move them enough to come to understand.

In fact, the essence of this understanding was something that could not be transferred by conversation but only by the self-realization of each one individually. The one realized that the diversity of people and ideas actually added a dimension of perspective through which he and those who understood could gather a better and more fuller understanding of what was moving at the time. He did not take it personally, that the surrounding ones did not see this as the Responsibility, though he knew that it was his own responsibility to let the factors be gathered within him. He knew this responsibility as an active moving force through which he could allow a greater understanding of things. These two who were close however, even advisors to the one, felt that each one of them understood their own answer; the specific answer as to how things needed to function for the benefit of all, even though it excluded all those who did not see things their way!

Apparently they did not come to a place of rest within themselves so that they could begin to understand what the one was doing to lead and to bring, first a core of understanding of certain ones together, and then a sense of unification that would expand out. They thought they saw the answer without the need of Listening. So there grew a tension within the family of the Privileged few, that festered in a way of undermining the efforts of the one to allow the Understanding of the Goal to move out to a few more than just himself.

Without patience, there is no starting point for real understanding, and as things seemed to indicate, the willingness to stand still and allow the tensions to dissolve into nothingness, and the Understanding to come into that tranquil and empty space, the actions of the privileged few began to harden into two ways of thoughts.

This to the dismay of the one, yet without a willingness of the few to stand still and hear the True unifying answers there was nothing he could do himself.  To voice his thoughts would be to watch the Understanding be drowned in a sea of controversy in such an atmosphere. All he could do was set the example of a place of stillness and allow the wisdom that emanated from his being to set good seeds.

It was not long after such a glorious beginning point that things began to become stylized in the way that other task masters work, for such is the way of task masters. Without the fluidity of realizations that come from an awareness of constant change, and being in a place of tranquility allowing for the newness of life to be actualized, task masters think that the control of functions via rituals and the dogma of ideologies can replace the true essence of Understanding in this moment. That is, what opportunities are coming to point now and how to work with them for the benefit of everyone included. That would be in the name of Selfless Service, so that everyone who responded to the call would be included in moving together toward this Greater Understanding.

Patience is just a beginning point in the active, pleasurable and uplifting range of Responsibility that each one is capable of, and it initiates the phase that sets the seed to Great Accomplishments.

The new task masters who eventually moved into the place of the one, even came to the point of identifying exacting roles and functions of each person, and of course how that would benefit everyone as long as he or she was at the top levels.

And of course, eventually the people became disillusioned, and the task masters, realizing that the others were willing to let them have their way even if they mumbled, began a process of increasing their own treasures at more and more the expense of the others.

And of course, it became very apparent that the efforts of the people were being directed to fulfill the lives of a few of the fortunate task masters…

And of course, how else could it be, that by now the sentiment of the people were in one accord to get rid of the task masters and find a new way of living.

A way of living that functioned for the benefit of all.

Hahaha! Until next time. There is more to come!

Amelia Earhart: Who is Flying The Plane?

Amelia Earheart. Success!

“Adventure is worthwhile in itself” Amelia Earheart. quitecontinental.net

Amelia Earhart.

To even voice her name, is to begin to feel the mysterious essence of the richness of Courage moving into the Unknown, that which is illuminated from a sense of Trust and centering in one’s inner core. It is the innate Truth of one’s worth, regardless of the outer world’s thoughts and opinions.

We have all had dreams.  The kind of dreams that bring one to a state of being that uplifts and expands one’s vision and perspective of what one is doing here and now.  It assures and inspires how it is that we are to move into our larger selves. The accomplishment of which would go beyond anything that we might imagine at this point.

The most difficult thing is the decision to act, the rest is merely tenacity. The fears are paper tigers. You can do anything you decide to do. You can act to change and control your life; and the procedure, the process is its own reward.
Amelia Earhart

As we wonder about those visions, though, the world around us is ready to make agreement with us about the smaller things, about keeping our worlds small, maintaining a consistency of the irrelevancy of one’s life.  And what might have a chance of potentiality becomes ashes in the pit of the subconscious of one, and by default, adds to the burden of those other ones who are upcoming with their dreams, and the Richness of their Contribution.

Young child Amelia Earhart

Amelia Earhart as a child

We have only this moment in time. The Past is not. The Future is not. Yet from where we stand, the potential of that which can come is awaiting for our Response, regardless of the Past.

What would be the point of being here unless we move with what our hearts and inner vision has to say to us?  And Who is responsible for tending that fire? Your family? Your significant other? Someone in some other place who could dictate a credo to one so that one could follow some dogma into yet another empty space? As it is said, to what end?

Please know that I am aware of the hazards. I want to do it because I want to do it. Women must try to do things as men have tried. When they fail, their failure must be a challenge to others. 
Amelia Earhart

No. There is only one center of being for each one of us, and one cannot paste a strange credo or dogma on top of it, or make someone else responsible for it and expect to come to a place of realization; a realization of what lies at the core of each one of us. Embellishment only complicates what is the Actual Truth.

Amelia Earheart in the pilot's seat

In her element…

So Amelia.

Born  July 24th, 1897 in Atchison, Kansas. Disappeared on July 2, 1937 over the Pacific Ocean.

We know that the turn of any century marks the beginning of a new one hundred year cycle, and with it comes a sense of new discovery about what is possible, and the one from the 1800’s to the 1900’s was no different. For those of us who remember the new year 2000, was there not that feeling of leaving behind the past and looking into a new Spectrum of Possibilities?  Do we need to wait for the next turn of a century for another new beginning? For that feeling of looking into the face of Possibilities? Or is there a new beginning each year, nay each month, even unto each day, each moment?

Amelia attempted to enter into the world in many ways, as a nurse, as a social worker, a lecturer, a writer, a poet…She knew in her heart of hearts that there was something happening. Something deeper about serving. About being in the place where her life force made sense to her.

She grew up, as they say, like a tomboy, though one might surmise that she was preparing at some level of understanding for a certain amount of pressure from the world at large, which would come in another later time period. Amelia was seemingly doing what she thought was right for her to do, searching for her own expression and expanding her unique talents and capacities.  And the way the world generally responds to anyone who dares to think that there are no limitations is to attempt to oppress that person and make small their claim to Innate Rights of Freedom.

The more one does and sees and feels, the more one is able to do, and the more genuine may be one’s appreciation of fundamental things like home, and love, and understanding companionship. 
Amelia Earhart

One of the ways that the world attempts to make small a beautiful growing seed is to attempt to box it, to keep it in a small container by labeling it, so that in one’s imagination it can only do so much, be so much.  And if the world can find people to agree to that, then so much the better. Why is that? Why would the world appreciate smallness? Is it not partly in fact because it serves the purpose of the world to buy, sell and trade on the smallness of being? How else does it see to make money?

Flying gear and Amelia Earhart

Amelia Earhart in flying gear


Was that the motivation for Amelia Earhart’s movement on the face of the Earth? Or why she moved into highly pressurized areas of male dominant kingdoms? Did she begin flying because she knew she would break many aviation records and attempt to circumnavigate the Earth? Did she see a way through flying to earn money to buy a new car and maybe a new dress? Well, maybe. But was that her foremost concern? No, it would seem that Amelia had in mind to respond to the very Essence of the Specificity of the Voice inside of her first.

Amelia Earhart in Hawaii

Amelia’s trials in Hawaii

That Specific Voice is the Voice that resides in the Core of each one of us, that is awaiting a Response! She chose to respond to the Voice. Neither her mother, her father nor any of her significant other relationships did that for her. Could not do that for her. And what we all know is that Choices made according to the call of the Voice, will yield a certain result, and come time the result will be what it will be.

What does our time mean to us in terms of Creative Accomplishment and the openness we might have to our own specific core? Not many of us will live to see two turns of a century, so the New Beginning of one is a very special occasion.

For Amelia Earhart, Harkening to that Voice, there was something happening. For her, for all those about her, and for the world at large, even now.

Wheeler Field in California

Amelia after landing from Hawaii to California. Wheeler Field

Courage is the price that
Life exacts for granting peace.

The soul that knows it not
Knows no release from little things:
Knows not the livid loneliness of fear,
Nor mountain heights where bitter joy can hear the sound of wings.

Nor can life grant us boon of living, compensate
For dull gray ugliness and pregnant hate
Unless we dare
The soul’s dominion.
Each time we make a choice, we pay
With courage to behold the resistless day,
And count it fair.

Amelia Earhart

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Forms, Borders and New Relationships. George Washington

First President George Washington

Father of the Nation. George Washington

What once was thought of as dependable was now in a state of chaos, and uncertainty. The world was changing.  Things were moving faster than ever before.  The time was the 18th Century.

George Washington was born 1732 at a time when the world was shifting in new directions, territories were expanding and declining, new worlds were being explored while revolutions were happening across the continents.  The styles of living that once were seemingly comfortable and sufficed for an earlier period, were now under inspection as to what was working and what did not fit.

Washington grew up on a farm learning many techniques and practical matters concerning the areas of animal husbandry and land conservation.  In the time of his growing up, the borders of the United States were still mostly undecided between the French, the British, the fur trappers and without a doubt, the Indian nations, whose claim was sovereign, though totally unrecognized by the viewpoint of the new comers.

Beginning of America

The Beginning of America. 13 Colonies

The essence of borders has seemed to plague mankind for as long as history has been recorded. A long time to be pushing and shoving looking for something other than ourselves to control! There seems to be a question as to who will control what and have unbridled movement through the possession of territory, both land and sea, and apparently, even the air! Never mind that there are real people living their lives in these places on land that are being argued over. Borders that are disputed between countries yes, yet those borders are the reality of those forms that extend out from the closer relationships that exist between people and of course, the source of disconnection, one’s self, from whose great mind, the ideas and concepts of an increase in possessions begins to formulate. Well, it must be a state of disconnection not to recognize all the intricate, delicately interwoven and beautiful creative life forms about us, and choose to apply control in lieu of and as a means of understanding and working with the factors at hand!

Is there any relationship that does not ponder the establishment of borders? Hahaaha! How fun! It would seem that there is much ado about borders. Webster- Merriam Dictionary online defines it as: an outer part or edge.  This is very similar to the definition of form (from the Free Online Dictionary): The shape and structure of an object. We begin to sense the truth that it is what is on the inside that creates the outer structure.

Our borders are defined by how we interact with our inner self, that inner being, and allowing for that agreement to move out into the world.  If we begin to realize the naturalness of this we also begin a sense of realization why the essence of fighting to control or manipulate any relationship, will always end up in a cycle of destruction. Sure on the outside it may look different for a while, but on the inside things begin to fall apart.

Attempts to Control Life?

Is it time to let go of the control of the borders and lives of those things around us, including others as if they were possessions and realize that it is only our own border that we have control over? Strange as it may seem, we know that to the degree that we are able to release the outer world as a possession, the inner world territory becomes more stable and fulfilling! It is the actual connection that we have been given to Life!  I think that we all know, that the outer chaos that fills the world as we know it today pretty much has its roots in the chasing of and the desire for control, be that personally, nationally, or religiously. And like a chain that is linked together, one pushes and pulls with eagerness to control this thing that one desires, and our neighbor link, is moved in reaction to that and moves to do something himself or herself. Who among us would be willing to break the link? Is there another choice that we are not making?

Connecting Hands

Connection to Others. Networking

George Washington had a sense of understanding something of his own borders. Here was a man who was aware of and responsible for his own inner-self, and his connection to his inner being, from which his own borders became filled naturally and a field of influence from that agreement was created.  It was through this relationship that he was able to recognize the time to stand clearly in his space and move with the cycle of outworking during his time and place. Not surprisingly, he was lifted into positions of greater and greater responsibility by those around him. Positions that he did not actively seek, but ones that he filled to the brim, in the same way he responded to his inner-self. How else could one do any different? He truly desired to be of service to others and life itself. In one sense, you could say, he understood that his life was not personal to the point of his own desires for comfort and wealth, and by all standards he acquired the comforts, wealth and power that he needed for the accomplishment of what was needing to move at that time.

Looking at the outer circumstances of his life as he was moving into the world, would be to question if he was going to amount to anything at all. Through his willingness to serve, he entered the British army and was put in situations where he failed in meeting the objectives of the army time and time again. He thought that he would like to make a career out of the Army and was turned down by the British authorities…might there have been some amount of pressure for him to just give up? The world’s view point of most people who have attempted to accomplish greater things has not been favorable. Most of us give up in the face of that chain link pressure. Those that realize, as George did, that it is the inner connectedness and establishment of our relationship to life itself, that creates the outer world and not the other way around, reap the rewards of a fulfilling life. Some of us, may even be lifted up to be the President of the United States!

Sixteenth President of the US

Abraham Lincoln. Another hopeful or fulfilled human being?

To what degree are we willing to fill our own borders and allow those about us to do the same?

Let me know what you think! I look forward to seeing you on the next post!

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The Music of the Unknown

Explorers Lewis and Clark

Lewis and Clark: An Adventure into the Unknown. (Image may be subject to copyright)

I was wondering about the elements of newness that seem to be appearing all around us, and it brought up thoughts about the essences of exploration and how that translates into our lives.

Ships of Columbus

Exploring New Waters

If we think about the explorations of the well-known and celebrated ones like Columbus, for instance, who sailed into the Unknown in the face of the Dark, or like Meriwether Lewis and William Clark, who moved across uncharted lands in search of a new route, there is the beginning sense of what an explorer at heart might need to come to terms with.  The definition according to the Free Dictionary of an explorer is: one who moves into territory that has not been discovered or revealed before this time and place. If we take a road trip or other adventure, that sense of newness to one’s surroundings begins to feel real. New surroundings, new people new events happening outside of our control…in a sense, we can realize how we might translate the awareness of being in a place of new surroundings moment by moment.

Where do new things come from? Is this not from some place called the Unknown? In our experience how do we interpret the Unknown? Is this something to be feared? Or loathed to look at? Are we comfortable with the elements of our lives and of what we hold in our hearts so that we can look at what is to come with a certain steadiness and joy?

Map of the Elemental Particles of the Universe

Elemental Particles of the Universe

The Unknown can mean a shift in the change of direction of our lives and it can signal the nuances of a subtle influencing movement of world patterns which affect our lives. Would it not behoove us, in our own interest to wonder, how can we befriend this mysterious place called the Unknown?

We realize, that looking backwards, the explorers of the past exercised a certain ability to examine the concepts, ideas and consciousness of their time and to review those things that were accepted, in order to move into a place of new ideas and discoveries. Whoever the explorer was, did not accept for him or herself what the status quo was, and had to be willing to let go of what was known for something that was, well basically, Unknown!

Hmmm. Interesting. Do we just forget what we know? Or as we might listen patiently to a friend talking to us, do we allow for a space to be present within us to question what is and not jump to the conclusion that we know the answers? Most of us have grown up with the essence that to be an adult in our society is to hold onto certain truths and not to question them, but to figuratively and literally go down with the ship to protect them. And why would we do this? Because our elders did the same? Because it promotes our society? Because to question would create an instability with the agreements that are in place?

What constitutes the status quo? Is this about the continuum of a procession of ideas and concepts that are being carried forward by the willing ones? And what if some of the foundational ideas and concepts were flawed to begin with? I think that we all know this to be true, yet how we move from a place of realizing an inequity and allowing a change to take place can be a daunting task in our own minds. The reality is though, is that the Reality of Life exists with or without our attempts to form it in some imaginary place in our minds. Hmmm. The words come to mind of “Let go”. That is, let go of the attempts to form a reality apart from Reality.

We know that there was something that each individual explorer needed to realize and move through in order to accomplish what they did.  In order to meet anything that is coming towards one, there is the need to turn in that direction!  One cannot meet the energy by turning to the side or to the back, or even turning to peek at it and then move away.

Energetically then, if we would like to be in a place of exploring new discoveries, creating new things and bringing new ideas into form, it makes sense that one needs to be able to free oneself from looking behind oneself, so that one can be sensitive enough to meet what is coming toward one in this moment. Easy for you to say, yet easily enough to do too! And like most patterns of behavior, one must desire to be in a place of Reality in order to unlearn old patterns, and allow the new ones to form. This is where the amount of desire and willingness to let go of an old viewpoint of one’s self or other’s around one, or one’s surroundings becomes the vehicle for change and infuses one with the uplifting energy of the explorer’s attitude.

Meriwether Lewis had specific things to meet within himself as he moved across the US.  Those things that he assumed from being on a farm or in the city, had to be questioned as he saw the new territory unfold in front of him. In a sense it would have meant working with the factors that were at hand and in front of him, so that he could begin to realize what was in the new territory. An animal was not just another animal, nor a tree a tree, a rock, the vegetation…all were new in some way, yet in order to see this, he had to leave his current ideas and concepts behind him, and with the curiosity of a child not assume that he knew anything.

Lewis and Clark exploration

Map of Lewis and Clark’s Exploration

In essence one needs to be able to let go of the past and to be present, so that one’s surround can be re-examined, re-thought, and re-visited with new ears and eyes! Hahaha! So simple and yet so tricksy a statement! Yet I think that we are onto something!

To the degree that we might be able to stand in the place that we are now, and be present, there begins to develop an element of appreciation for the things that are around us and those things coming in from the Vastness of the Future, as well as those things that are receding into the past: a separation in fact, of the Known and Unknown. A place that is new, exciting, and to be explored!

exploring color

A Sense of Exploration!

How interesting!  How fun and challenging!

Would really enjoy to hear your comments! And let’s meet again in the next post!